The CrashPod Episode 3, plus Nova in Disney Infinity and issues added


At last, it’s the next episode of The CrashPod with myself, Tawmis Logue of and Doug Smith of the Nova Prime Page! We deal with the sad news of the cancellation of New Warriors, which will be ending with issue #12 in November. But the series isn’t over yet, so we dive in to discussing issues #6, 7 and 8, as well as Nova issues #18, 19 and 20. And of course we talk about Guardians of the Galaxy #18, the first part of the story that will explain what happened to Richard Rider. Despite the sad news and ridiculous amount of technical problems, I had a lot of fun recording this issue. Be sure to listen all the way to the end for our now-customary post-credits bonus. Hope you enjoy!

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All of the above-mentioned issues have also been added to the site with more coming. Keep checking for my stealth updates.

And finally, Sam Alexander is still co-starring in Ultimate Spider-Man! The third season renames the series Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors and is airing now. Cloak and Dagger recently debuted. Sam will be a playable character in Disney Infinity: Marvel Super-Heroes (2.0 Edition)! Check out this trailer video released by Marvel.


The CrashPod Episode 2, plus New Warriors #5 and more added


After some scheduling snafus, Tawmis from New Warriors Dot Com, Doug from the Nova Prime Page and myself finally got together for the second episode of The CrashPod!

Thank you to everyone who has subscribed and written reviews on iTunes, posted comments at our forum, and talked to us on Twitter (@CoreyBlake, @Tawmis, @nova64) and Facebook (New Warriors Dot Com and Nova Prime Page). We love hearing from you.

We discuss issues 3 through 5 of the current New Warriors series, and issues 15 through 17 of the current Nova series. Those issues have also been added here to the NWCC. We also talked about issues 3 through 5 of the original New Warriors series.

New Warriors #3 & 4 added, more Crashpod, and more

The two latest issues of New Warriors are on-sale now and have been added to the site. This wraps up the opening story arc, and sets up the rest of the series. Also added is the latest issue of Nova, which also concludes a story arc. Still debating the order of the two stories. It will probably be more clear in another issue or two. And don’t miss Nova’s prominent role in Original Sin.

Oh and check out my column on Robot 6: A Tale of Two Novas. It’s been getting a lot of comments.

Another episode of The Crashpod will be recorded and released soon discussing these issues. Thanks to all that have listened and posted reviews.

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The CrashPod debuts

The CrashPod

The first episode of The CrashPod hit the internet over the weekend. This is the first known podcast devoted entirely to the New Warriors. I host along with Tawmis Logue of (also our editor) and Doug Smith of (also our logo designer). In our first giant-sized episode, we play a little catch-up by talking about the first two issues of the new New Warriors series by Christopher Yost and Marcus To, along with two issues of the current Nova series by Gerry Duggan, Paco Medina and David Baldeon. We also take a look back at the first two issues of the original New Warriors series by Fabian Nicieza and Mark Bagley, and talk a little relevant news having to do with Firestar.

Give a listen and pass it on to your New Warriors friends!

If you’d like to join us on a future episode, email us at Or if you have questions/comments/suggestions for us, you can record an audio file of yourself, email it in, and we’ll respond in a future episode. Or just use old fashioned text and write an email. Or post a comment here or at The CrashPod forum. Wherever or however you send it, feedback is very helpful – I’m sure we’ll be adjusting and learning as we go.

Music was generously provided by Adam WarRock (@eugewarrock on Twitter, also on Facebook) from his awesome My New Warriors EP. You should buy his music.

New Warriors #2 now on-sale

Haechi made his debut in today’s issue of New Warriors #2 by Christopher Yost and Marcus To, so now he has a page here. The team is starting to come together!

Also out today is Nova #14 by Gerry Duggan and David Baldeon. I think we’ll have to give this a little time to figure out where this story takes place in relation to Sam’s appearances in New Warriors. There’s an interview with Duggan here that’s worth reading, and there’s also this video interview.

Check out the revised Characters menu on the right. It’s now been broken up into each volume of New Warriors or each era or team. So there are the founders, everyone from volume 1, everyone from volume 2, and so on. Hopefully that makes it a little easier to find your favorite.

Checklist: Haechi

Haechi Appearances in the Marvel Universe
(Listed in alphabetical order)

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Podcast reveals how Yost and To’s New Warriors came to be and what’s to come

To promote the release of New Warriors #1, writer Christopher Yost and artist Marcus To sat down with dyed-in-the-wool New Warriors fan and Marvel editor Ben Morse and Marvel Digital executive editorial director Ryan Penagos for an episode of This Week in Marvel NOW! at Listen to the entire podcast for the full details. Here is a rough overview (with parenthetical comments by me to give some background info here and there):

Yost reiterated his love for the original New Warriors series by Fabian Nicieza and Mark Bagley. Marcus To is newer to the characters and brings a fresh perspective to the team.

The book is, in a sense, a spiritual successor to Yost’s Scarlet Spider. Yost knew at around Scarlet Spider #2 that it wouldn’t last forever. They felt it did tremendously well for a book about a clone of Spider-Man, but around the middle of the second year, they started looking for what to do next. He started working with editor Stephen Wacker on the next phase for Kaine and hit upon the idea of a new New Warriors. For a time, it was going to be “an all-clone book”. But because of the relaunched Nova series, and guest appearances by Speedball and Justice, they thought “maybe there’s an appetite for getting the band back together”. The book then transitioned into a “new take on the New Warriors”.

Editor Sana Amanat took over shepherding the book, and when she asked Yost if he had an artist in mind, he immediately suggested Marcus To from their collaboration on Red Robin at DC Comics.

Yost explained that the first story arc is the team coming together with a specific threat occurring at the same time. Again looking to the first series, Yost noticed that the original line-up consisted of a “microcosm of the Marvel Universe”, with a couple of mutants, a superhuman, an Atlantean, a space-based hero, etc. They took that concept to the next level with one of every type of hero in the Marvel Universe. This is what’s being targeted by the villain the High Evolutionary, who thinks he’s saving humanity from being wiped out from these stray species. (This is reflected in the recent High Evolutionary Journals posted to

Yost and To then ran through the newer characters joining the team for the first time:

Sun Girl is a regular human whose father was the villain Lightmaster. Her equipment is based on his technology. She is a classic hero and an idealist who had a run-in with the Superior Spider-Man (Doctor Octopus’ mind in the body of Spider-Man, believe it or not).

Water Snake is a brand new character. She’s an Atlantean and her mission on the surface world, which will “speak to New Warriors fans pretty clearly”, will be revealed as the series progresses. She has a connection to Namora (Namorita’s “mother”).

Hummingbird, from the pages of Scarlet Spider, has an Aztech deity residing in her mind, making her a demi-god. She can control people’s emotions. She is 15 years old and is bright and excited.

Heichi is an Inhuman with the power to absorb energy. He will be introduced in New Warriors #2. He will first be seen riding the subway trying to cover the large horn on his head after being transformed. He ties in to the recently concluding Infinity and upcoming Inhumanity events. He is drawn in to the battle with the High Evolutionary.

Marcus To said that Water Snake was one of his favorite character designs to create. For Justice and Speedball, their designs remained mostly the same from their appearances from the recent past. In addition to the cast, he’ll be drawing the Salem Seven, the Morlocks, a character named Hybrid from the fondly-remembered ROM series, along with dozens of other stops throughout the Marvel Universe.

Regarding the ages of the team, Yost speculated that the team roughly ranges from 15 to 24. Scarlet Spider is the oldest at about 24, although being a clone, they guessed he’s really about 3 years old. Sam Alexander is the youngest at about 15 (along with Hummingbird). Speedball was speculated to be about 18 years old. Yost also talked about how life experiences factor into readers’ perceptions of the characters’ ages.

The team dynamic was further discussed. From early on, Yost and Wacker saw the team as becoming a group of heroes that want to be together – “If they weren’t out saving the world, they’d be hanging out, having fun.” They’ll bicker and fight, but they will get along. By the end of the first year, it will be a tight knit group. At issue 5, “they just hang out”.

Getting more specific, Yost considers Justice the linchpin of the team. Sun Girl is the little angel on his shoulder and Kaine is the little devil on his shoulder. They both yell in Justice’s ear to try to influence him in opposite directions. That trifecta will drive the book often. Kaine and Water Snake will form a mutual respect for each other after initially duking it out when they first meet (in issue #2). Hummingbird will have an “unfathomable crush” on Speedball. Everyone will put Nova through the ringer because he’s the rookie.

For callbacks to the original series, Yost said that Namorita will be a presence. He has a soft spot for Silhouette, so he’d be surprised if she didn’t show up at some point. “If I had my way, I would’ve had Firestar in here from issue one.” (Firestar currently has a spot on the team starring in Jason Aaron’s Amazing X-Men.)

Yost described his New Warriors as an old school Marvel comic with big adventure and a lot of fun. It is in the tradition of classic Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, and is the “flagship title of the Marvel Universe right now” that is influencing every other book whether they know it or not.

Happy New Warriors Day!

New Warriors #1 was released today! Pick up your copy at your local comic shop, or buy digitally at comiXology, where you can also pre-order issue #2 (on-sale March 5) and/or subscribe to the series.

Appearances from the issue have been added to the site, plus there’s now a page for Water Snake.

Checklist: Water Snake

Water Snake Appearances in the Marvel Universe
(Listed in alphabetical order)

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Checklist: Sun Girl

Sun Girl Appearances in the Marvel Universe
(Listed in alphabetical order)

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Checklist: Scarlet Spider / Kaine

Scarlet Spider Appearances in the Marvel Universe
(Listed in alphabetical order)

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Checklist: Hummingbird

Hummingbird Appearances in the Marvel Universe
(Listed in alphabetical order)

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New Pages: Hummingbird and Sun Girl

Two more soon-to-be New Warriors pages are up: Aracely (aka Hummingbird) and Sun Girl. Both were co-created by Christopher Yost, who is writing the upcoming series. Aracely has been a sorta-sidekick to Kaine (I may always call him Kaine) in the pages of Scarlet Spider. Sun Girl showed up in the first issue and a subsequent three-part story arc told in Superior Spider-Man Team-Up, where it was revealed she is the daughter of Lightmaster*, a frequent Spider-Man villain. So, that means this New Warriors team consists of three characters with close ties to the Spider-Man corner of the Marvel Universe.

*Lightmaster himself has somewhat of a New Warriors connection. He fought Cloak and Dagger in a three-part back-up story set in Genetech (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #26, Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #12 and Web of Spider-Man Annual #8, which also have the main story starring Spider-Man and the New Warriors, The Hero Killers). These stories are all collected in Spider-Man & the New Warriors: Hero Killers.

New Page: Kaine

The next soon-to-be New Warrior added to the site is the current Scarlet Spider, Kaine. I still need to add his checklist but I think I got all of his appearances. Everything post-Clone Saga from the ’90s has yet to be confirmed, and there are a few earlier appearances that I’m pretty sure I have but need to confirm too. But in broad strokes, I think it’s pretty accurate. Corrections welcome.

I’ve also updated the About page to more accurately reflect the present layout of the site.

The High Evolutionary Journals previews New Warriors #1


New Warriors #1 by Marcus To posted a 2-part column titled “Open the High Evolutionary Journals” last week. They address the high concept of the series as well as what appears will be the main villain for this New Warriors team. The column breaks down each type of super-human, be it mutant, clone, Inhuman or what-have-you, and highlights one of the members of the new team as the “target specimen”. The Journals are written by New Warriors writer Christopher Yost, and include a preview of New Warriors #1 by artist Marcus To and cover artist Ramon Pérez. Here’s Part 1, and here’s Part 2.

To add to the growing buzz, the same preview pages are making the rounds on news sites, like Comic Book Resources and Comics Alliance, and also include a look at the three variant covers by To, Skottie Young and Chris Samnee.

New Warriors #1 will be on-sale in print and digitally on February 19th.