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Night Thrasher – mysterious weapon against crime!

Namorita – hybrid Atlantean!

Nova – the human rocket!

Justice – telekinetic fury!

Firestar – mutant mistress of microwaves!

Speedball – bouncing bundle of energy!

From the four corners of the Marvel Universe, six teenagers were brought together to face the kind of crimes their predecessors would not touch. As their roster grew, their rich pasts soon fueled a quest for the truth, no matter what the cost. What they learned gave them the courage to change the world for the better, with the power to back it up. Playing an adult’s game, they now strive to prove to the world and to themselves that they can make a difference! They are the next generation in super-hero excitement! They are the New Warriors!*

Volume 6 team

Though the team was created in 1989, its members date as far back as the early seventies. Spanning across three decades, the team boasts members with histories and adventures that continue to wind their way through nearly every aspect of the Marvel Universe. This web site attempts to put all of them together in a cohesive, linear order.

The site is broken up into periods of time. See the Chronology menu on the right-hand side to navigate. The first period, History, is before the team forms in the first New Warriors #1. That first series is split up into three sections, for purposes of space. Volume 1 – Part 1 deals with the events from New Warriors #1 to #25. Volume 1 – Part 2 picks up from there and ends with New Warriors #50. Volume 1 – Part 3 goes from there to the end of the first series at New Warriors #75. Limbo – Part 1 covers appearances after the cancellation of New Warriors volume 1 and before the team’s reformation in New Warriors volume 2 #1. Events during the short-lived second New Warriors series are found in Volume 2. Limbo – Part 2 encapsulates events following New Warriors volume 2 #10 and before New Warriors volume 3. Volume 3 details appearances during the 6-issue New Warriors volume 3 mini-series of 2005. Limbo – Part 3 contains events between that mini-series and the ongoing series in 2007. The 20-issue New Warriors volume 4 is covered by Volume 4. Events following that series are found in Limbo – Part 4. The team’s return and their adventures depicted in New Warriors volume 5 are detailed in Volume 5. Appearances following New Warriors volume 5 #12 until the team’s return in 2020 can be found in Limbo – Part 5. To learn more about the planned return in 2020, visit Volume 6.


If you’re interested in the order of a specific character’s individual appearances, take a look at the Characters menus. They are broken up by team rosters over the course of the various series, starting with Characters: The Founders (the original six characters that formed the first New Warriors team), Characters: Volume 1 (the founders plus subsequent members during the life of the first New Warriors series), Characters: Volume 2 (team members from the second New Warriors series), and so on until the most recent team’s line-up.


Under the Misc. menu is a collection of other related information. First up is the Other Characters page, which will take you to individual chronology pages for Support Crew (typically non-powered associates who have assisted in transportation and other supplemental duties for the team), Allies (super-powered individuals who have a good relationship with the team, but for whatever reason have yet to officially join the team), Family / Supporting Characters (typically non-powered friends and family of the New Warriors) and Villains (super-powered individuals who the New Warriors have come into conflict with multiple times). Timeline is an attempt to track the in-story progress of time for the characters. Official Handbook entries is a checklist of where you can find Marvel’s official text write-ups of each character detailing their powers, history and more. Alternate Realities lists appearances outside of the timeline typically depicted in most Marvel comics. Collected Editions/Graphic Novels is a checklist of New Warriors appearances that have been reprinted in trade paperbacks and hard covers. Digital Comics is a list of New Warriors appearances that are now officially available online. And Merchandise/Licensed Products is a checklist of New Warriors toys and other physical items that have been released by Marvel or one of its partners.


If chronology gives you a headache or you just want a break, check out the Categories menu for some New Warriors-related diversions, like news, interviews, solicitations for upcoming appearances, sneak peeks at upcoming appearances, site news & more! See the Updates in the top right corner for the most recent site news, announcements and other info.

Special thanks to the following websites and resources for making this site better: Tawmis at NewWarriors.com, Doug Smith at the Nova Prime Page, The Marvel Chronology Project, SuperMegaMonkey’s Marvel Comics Chronology, the Complete Marvel Comics Reading Order, the folks at the Marvel Database wiki, the fondly remembered ComicBookDB.com, the Grand Comics Database, and of course all of the creative minds at Marvel Comics.


* Text adapted from the top copy of various New Warriors comics.

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