Spotlight On… Sub-Mariner #50

Namorita makes her historic debut in Sub-Mariner #50! While only appearing for 8 pages, Nita’s first appearance is worth it just to see her meet her famous cousin the Sub-Mariner by punching him in the face! She is quickly established as a spunky yet vulnerable young girl, in many ways more human than Namor. The issue includes her initial origin (before she was revealed to be a clone) and the apparent death of her mother, Golden Age sidekick Namora. If you only get one of Namorita’s 1970s appearances, this is probably the one to get.

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Giffen prepares for Annihilation

Writer Keith Giffen spoke with Comic Book Resources about the up-coming Annihilation mini-series. Regarding Nova‘s role, Giffen revealed that he is now the leader of the United Front, with Drax the Destroyer, Cammi and Ronan serving under him. Click here for the full interview.

Status Check 4

All of the Checklists have now been added. You can access them by clicking on the character’s main page under the “Pages” menu on the right-hand side of most pages. Or you can click on Checklists under “Categories”. Let me know if you’d also like to see one giant checklist of all the Warriors’ appearances.

Next up… the Spotlights. I’ve just put up the first one. More soon!

Spotlight On… Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #11

And now… a closer look at Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #11! Speedball served as guest-star to the ninth entry in Fred Hembeck’s series “Petey, the Adventures of Peter Parker Long Before He Became Spider-Man”. Robbie appears on all 7 pages of this short back-up story. His dialogue is limited, but then he’s only a tottler at the time of this story. Essential? Probably not. But a cute story, with some small but interesting additions to the character’s history.

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