New Entries for Firestar, Justice, Speedball & Nova

Our first new update of brand-new newness!

Added to Volume 3 & Beyond: She-Hulk 2 #3, I (Heart) Marvel: Masked Intentions #1 & The Thing volume 2 #8!

Nova has about 3 cameos in She-Hulk 2 #3, the big 100th issue spectacular for Jennifer Walters. A fun read (and series) by Warriors fan Dan Slott, but definitely not an essential appearance. In fact, as I say in my post-script on Nova’s page: “The exact placement of this issue for Nova is unknown. Nova serves on a panel of character witnesses pulled from different points in time to testify on behalf of She-Hulk. Nova is only seen about three times in crowd shots, with no clear depiction of his costume, and never speaks. As such, it’s impossible to accurately determine from what point in time Nova is pulled from. I’ve decided to place it in the present until information indicates otherwise.” Although truthfully, I don’t expect such information to ever be presented.

I (Heart) Marvel: Masked Intentions #1 is, on the other hand, very essential. The issue comprises of two stories, both starring the New Warriors. The first focuses on Squirrel Girl’s infatuation with Speedball. The second deals with the pending nuptuals of Firestar and Justice, and it’s a status quo changer. Firestar’s father Bart Jones even appears for the first time in… years. Fabian Nicieza writes both stories.

Justice appears again in The Thing #8, the final issue of Ben Grimm’s second solo series. Also written by Dan Slott, the story is full of guest appearanes. Vance shows up only in one panel, no dialogue. I’m putting this story before Civil War #1 because all of the heroes are getting along fine and the Human Torch isn’t in a coma. This means that Vance changed back to his previous costume before the death of his teammates, despite what he claims in She-Hulk 2 #8. But, I still think it works. (Also, Nita’s old charge the Aquarian cameos in the same panel with Justice!)

Also, I corrected the volume number for Runaways #11 & 12 on the “Volume 3 & Beyond” page.


More to come…


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