New Entries for Speedball, Nova & others

At last, we’re caught up (until tomorrow’s new comics)!

Added to “Volume 3 & Beyond”: Annihilation Prologue #1, Annihilation: Nova #1-3, Civil War #1-2, Civil War: Front Line #1-3, She-Hulk 2 #8 & Wolverine #42.

Read on for the details…

Annihilation Prologue #1 and Annihilation: Nova #1-3 star Nova in one of the biggest events in Rich Rider’s life. These issues are meant to reposition him as a cosmic-based hero. This is not to be missed.

Civil War #1 simultaneously throws the New Warriors front & center into the spotlight of the Marvel Universe, and blows them up. Microbe, Namorita, Night Thrasher and Speedball open up Marvel’s huge summer event with a scene that leaves the New Warriors name besmirched and three members dead. The New Warriors only appear in the first 7 pages, but it’s a crucial 7 pages.

Wolverine #42 is one of the issues dealing with the fall-out of Civil War #1. Cloak & Dagger only have a 1-panel cameo in a scene where all the heroes are milling about chatting about the catastrophic events. Cloak isn’t even fully seen – the left side of his cloak is to She-Hulk’s right. Not essential at all but interesting when you see them next in Civil War #2 on the opposing side of heroes. Were they doing a little spying in Wolverine, or had they not yet made up their mind where they stood on the issue? Either way, their appearance in Civil War #2 amounts to a 2-page spread of the two of them standing among other heroes working with Captain America, and a second panel of Dagger pointing at a monitor with one line of dialogue. Hardly essential beyond knowing what side they are on during the big “Civil War” event, but not really a surprise given their history. Hopefully their role will increase with future issues.

She-Hulk 2 #8 didn’t reveal the “New Warriors survivor” as many had hoped, but it did give a heap of attention to the New Warriors. Justice and Rage are the prominent members in the issue. They’ve hired She-Hulk to file suit against an on-line hate site that’s outing former Warriors. Hindsight also has a rather significant (and surprising) role in the issue. Debrii and Timeslip get quick one-panel cameos, but they’re significant. We learn Debrii and Microbe‘s real names (although Microbe’s appearance is merely a photo). Timeslip, in her first appearance since New Warriors #75, seems to still have her powers (or just likes to run around in her costume and a trench coat) and is now living in Los Angeles! We also find out that Slapstick and Ultragirl, who also make appearances (2 panels each), apparently have closer ties to the team than first thought. At first read, it seems like they were retroactively made members, but the website targets members and allies, including She-Hulk later in the issue. So, until further evidence is stated, they will remain as allies. Slapstick will even get a page of his own soon! Firestar also makes a one-panel appearance at the end. Visually, it’s a little off – she’s flying with a blaze of flames like the Human Torch, but there’s really no one else it could be. Other members who are pictured but don’t actually appear are Namorita, Night Thrasher, Nova and Speedball. This issue pays several nods to New Warriors history by writer Dan Slott. I’m starting to sound like a Marvel shill, but once again, this is a significant moment.

The second story in each issue of Civil War: Front Line #1-3 stars Speedball in probably the most significant story he’s gotten since the original New Warriors series. A must-read. The first story of Civil War: Front Line #2 has a two-page appearance by Firestar in another essential appearance.

That’s all of ’em! Let me know your thoughts.


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