Added – Annihilation: Nova #4, Civil War #3 & X-Factor #9

Three new additions to the site from last week’s releases: Annihilation: Nova #4, Civil War #3 and X-Factor #9 have all been added to “Volume 3 & Beyond” with appearances by Nova, Cloak & Dagger and Aegis. More details (and SPOILERS) after the jump…

Annihilation: Nova #4 of course stars Nova in the conclusion to his mini-series. The last issue propels Nova into the starring role of the 6-issue Annihilation mini-series next month. A very important issue for Nova fans where Rich must deal with the death of a fellow hero.

Aegis appears in X-Factor volume 2 #9, part of the Civil War event. Trey Rollins is featured in 13 panels over 4 pages with plenty of dialogue. A pretty significant appearance that makes an impression on Jamie Madrox the Multiple Man.

Cloak & Dagger appear as nothing more than foot soldiers in Civil War #3. No dialogue, but the two are name-dropped as needed to teleport Captain America’s “Secret Avengers” into action. Cloak is taken out by tranquilizer darts in his second panel. Dagger appears towards the end of the issue for two panels right before the dramatic return of a hero tied to the New Warriors’ first appearance. Other than revealing Cloak & Dagger’s role in Captain America’s camp, really not essential at all.


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