Kirkman on the League of Losers

Robert Kirkman’s Marvel Team-Up comic will be ending with October’s issue #25. In talking about the series with Newsarama, the “League of Losers” storyarc starring Dagger and Darkhawk was brought up.

Newsarama: Following the Invincible issue, you went off in kind of a different direction, with the League of Losers fighting Chronok. While you had a swath of b-listers, and the story was a new take on time-travel tales…why did you go off in that direction, given that it took you away from known faces and popular characters for four issues?

Robert Kirkman: Well, that was a story I had always wanted to tell. An early form of that was going to be the second story-arc in my Sleepwalker Epic series (I had lofty hopes for that book). There was a time when we thought Team-Up was ending at #18 so I figured if it’s ending anyway I might as well get my story out there. People seemed to like that story, I’m glad I did it. I’d love to go back to those characters at some point. I left them there, in the future for a reason…

Newsarama: Do you think that arc contributed to the larger picture of declining sales?

Kirkman: No, sales had been on a very slow decline for pretty much the duration of the series. Like I said, had I tied into House of M or Civil War we should have seen larger spikes in sales but at the end of the day I wanted a self-contained run on the book. If anything, I think League of Losers turned some heads toward the book who weren’t paying attention. Those lesser known characters all have die-hard fans. Everyone is someone’s favorite character… even Terror, Inc.

Read the full interview at Newsarama.


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