Blast from the Past: Power Pages fanzine

Long-time Power Pack fan Dan Cuba is in the process of uploading a piece of history to the internet. Back in 1989, a Power Pack fanzine that would eventually be called Power Pages was born. Cuba, who served as editor, has put the first three issues online for viewing. It’s quite a look into the past and worth a look. See the Power Pages again (if you were there the first time around) for the first time in over a decade. You can also still view the final issue, #52, which was first released in print and online in 2000.


Movies to-be: Cloak & Dagger, Power Pack

Speaking of movies, earlier this month, Marvel Entertainment posted their second quarter earnings for 2006 to stock holders, and with it they released an updated list of projects for Marvel Studios. Cloak & Dagger and Power Pack were both listed as film projects “to be developed by Marvel”. But don’t expect them to come out next year. There’s between six and ten other movies in development ahead of them, and only three of them are anticipating a 2008 release. The rest have no projected release date at this time.

The Cloak & Dagger movie that never was

The Marvel Animation Age site at Toon Zone has a page of Marvel sketches by John Delaney, among them being a one-sheet poster pitching a Cloak & Dagger direct-to-DVD movie. From the site, he states, “Although I have not worked for Marvel officially, I have done some Marvel stuff. On the Toon Zone Poll I drew Spiderman & Doc Ock as well as Mary Jane, Wolverine & Guardian and Venom. When Marvel was first putting together the idea to do direct to DVD movies (like the ones they are doing now ie: Ultimate Avengers) I was part of a team that put together some pitches for Marvel movies. The contract was awarded to Lions Gate Films but I did some one sheet posters for our pitch that you might like to see.”

The Well of All Things returns

Eagle-eyed New Warriors fan PaxHouse noticed a sly New Warriors reference in an online preview of Thunderbolts #106, written by Fabian Nicieza. Nighthawk teams up with the Squadron Sinister to close mystic wells around the world. While in China shutting down the Church of Universal Wellspring, he comments on it being the fifth well they’ve sealed, among them being one in Constantinople. He then states, “There was one in Cambodia that was sealed a couple years ago.” This, of course, is a reference to the Nothing But the Truth storyline that ran through New Warriors #22-25 in 1992, also written by Nicieza. You can read the preview here.

2 new Civil War titles

Over the weekend, CBR News announced that two Civil War one-shots are currently being planned by Marvel in conjunction with the recent rescheduled Civil War announcement. Cloak & Dagger should be appearing in Civil War: Choosing Sides, set to release in October. Civil War: Battle Damage Report will take a look at the Marvel Universe after the war. Take a look at the revised Civil War schedule (which contradicts with the just-released November’s solicits) after the jump.

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