Civil War: Nova, Firestar & the Warriors

More news from WizardWorld: Chicago is coming in with reports on Marvel’s “Civil War” panel. Nova‘s return to Earth, Firestar in Front Line and the premise of the last New Warriors mini-series were all discussed. Read on…!

Marvel Editor Tom Brevoort said that Nova will eventually return to Earth and react to the death of the New Warriors, but it will have to come after Annihilation, “where things are looking pretty grim for Nova as it stands.”

Civil War: Front Line writer Paul Jenkins credited Brevoort for an idea he’s written into Front Line for Firestar, which seems to indicate that her story isn’t over.

One convention goer asked if the premise behind the last New Warriors limited series (the team becomes reality TV stars) was created with Civil War in mind, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada said no, but while plotting out Civil War, writer Mark Millar realized it was a perfect fit for the start of the story.

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