Cup o’ Joe: After Annihilation

Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada held his popular “Cup o’ Joe” panel at WizardWorld: Chicago today. Not much mention of the New Warriors beyond a fan pointing out that the team had once defeated Terrax in contrast to their defeat and death at the hands of Nitro, but Marvel Editor Tom Brevoort did address Annihilation, which has been heavily featuring Nova. There are no current plans to tie Annihilation in with the rest of the Marvel Universe, but readers will eventually see echoes of the cosmic event in the core Marvel Universe. Later, confirming earlier reports, Brevoort said there will probably be more Annihilation-themed stories after the main limited series is over. Newsarama’s synopsis and CBR’s synopsis of the panel.


Author: Corey Blake

Corey Blake does things on the Internet, and sometimes even in real life.

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