Fantastic Four #539 & Amazing Spider-Man #534

A poorly-drawn Rage and Cloak & Dagger all appear in Fantastic Four #539 and Amazing Spider-Man #534. Both issues have been added to the site. The Mad Thinker also appears in FF #539. Despite the inconsistencies in Luke Cage’s attire (among other things), the two issues mostly occur simultaneously. Read on to see how the chronology of these two issues breaks down.

Cloak & Dagger appear first on pages 1, 3 and 7 of Fantastic Four #539 with Captain America, Daredevil and Luke Cage in the secret underground lair of the Anti-Registration heroes. These appearances total 4 panels for both, although neither speaks.

Amazing Spider-Man #534 page 7 panel 3 and Fantastic Four #539 page 10 panel 3 probably occur at approximately the same time. Cloak & Dagger travel underground with Captain America, Daredevil and Luke Cage.

The splash page of Fantastic Four #539 page 15 shows Rage escaping from the detainee transport vehicle among the chaos. It’s an oddly-drawn Rage, but I don’t think it could be anyone else.

On the second panel of the next page of Fantastic Four, Cloak & Dagger teleport in with Daredevil and Luke Cage. Still no dialogue from either.

One of the Yancy Street kids, Mouse, is then taken over by the Puppet Master who is using a specially-designed helmet designed by the Mad Thinker to control non-hero combatants from a distance. Mouse places a bomb in the middle of the battle. The Thing lifts up one of the transport vehicles to throw it onto the bomb and smuther it. A similar version of this moment can be seen, with Cloak & Dagger, in Amazing Spider-Man #534 page 12.

Nearby, Spider-Man spots Rage (who is drawn just slightly more recognizeably) running off in Amazing Spider-Man #534 page 13 panel 2. But Captain America prevents Spider-Man from catching Rage.

Rage isn’t seen again.

Cloak & Dagger are next seen in the aftermath of the battle in Fantastic Four #539 page 20 panels 1 and 3, and page 21 panel 3. Dagger even gets a line of dialogue in the first panel of page 20, reporting to Captain America that all of the detainees had escaped. Both get an additional appearance each with Cloak on page 21 panel 2 and Dagger on page 22 panel 5.

In summary:

  1. Fantastic Four #539 “Decisions Made” Civil War [pages 1-10] (Cloak, Dagger)
  2. Amazing Spider-Man #534 “The War At Home Part Three of Six” Civil War [page 7] [occurs simultaneously w/Fantastic Four #539 page 10] (Cloak, Dagger)
  3. Fantastic Four #539 “Decisions Made” Civil War [page 15-16] (Cloak, Dagger, Rage)
  4. Amazing Spider-Man #534 “The War At Home Part Three of Six” Civil War [page 12-13] (Cloak, Dagger, Rage)
  5. Fantastic Four #539 “Decisions Made” Civil War [pages 20-22] (Cloak, Dagger)

Author: Corey Blake

Corey Blake does things on the Internet, and sometimes even in real life.

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