Firestar’s “Amazing Friends” story presents true Conundrum

Firestar‘s appearance in Spider-Man Family: Amazing Friends, released earlier this month, has created a problem.

The first story in the issue, “Opposites Attack!,” is said to take place prior to Web of Spider-Man #75, according to the table of contents. The biggest problem is that Iceman is still a member of X-Factor in Web of Spider-Man #75 (Iceman even mentioned X-Factor’s Ship, which was destroyed by the time Iceman re-joined the X-Men in X-Men #1). But in Amazing Friends, he makes several comments about having recently re-joined the X-Men, meaning the story couldn’t take place before Web of Spider-Man #75. Another factor to consider is that Firestar introduces herself to Spider-Man in Web of Spider-Man #75, whereas in Amazing Friends, the two seem to have already met. So, all signs seem to point to Amazing Friends taking place just after Web of Spider-Man #75 and X-Men #1.

Iceman also makes mention of being on break from dating Opal Tanaka, which seems to indicate that the events of Uncanny X-Men #289 & 290 had just occurred. (Iceman had been attacked by the Cyber-Samurai while out for dinner with Opal and his parents.) If that’s the case, this pushes the story closer to New Warriors #25, where Firestar is about to see Vance off to jail. Considering how new the New Warriors seem in Amazing Friends (a recurring joke in the issue has Spider-Man and Iceman calling the New Warriors by different names [New Kids, New Mutants, etc.]) and, more significantly, how unattached Firestar seems since she’s ready and willing to date Iceman, this doesn’t seem right either.

So, instead, perhaps the Opal reference isn’t a direct nod to Uncanny X-Men #289-290. Instead, let’s go back to X-Men #1-3, since we know he’s just rejoined the team in Amazing Friends. That would place the story closer to New Warriors #18 maybe earlier. That’s better. But Firestar and Marvel Boy begin dating in New Warriors #14. It would make even more sense if it could fit before the Forever Yesterday storyline of New Warriors #11-13. It would be perfect if it could occur before New Warriors #5-6, where the two share that moment in space. But again, those issues take place before Iceman rejoins the X-Men.

So, that’s what I’m wrestling with. Let me know what you think.


Author: Corey Blake

Corey Blake does things on the Internet, and sometimes even in real life.

2 thoughts on “Firestar’s “Amazing Friends” story presents true Conundrum”

  1. Hi! Saw your post and wanted to let you know that there was a mistake in that editorial note, in that the story takes place AFTER WoSM #75. Amazing Friends happens after Spidey’s met Firestar but before Firestar and Vance Astro become serious. I hope that helps.


  2. Thank you, Sean! I appreciate you taking the time to help out. That definitely helps.

    Firestar and Vance go on their first date in New Warriors #14, a couple months before Iceman rejoins his team in X-Men #1, so it probably happens around there.

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