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Loners line-up revealed

Wizard Magazine #181, released this past week, has a quick article with Loners writer C.B. Cebulski and a sketch of the team line-up by artist Karl Moline.

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Civil War #4 added

Dagger in Civil War #4

Civil War #4 has been added to the site. Cloak & Dagger continue to have decent roles in the mini-series, and three other Warriors make a surprise cameo.

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Quesada: new NW series “difficult”

Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada responded to a reader question Friday that asked “how good are the chances of seeing the New Warriors return in an on-going title? Better yet, what about Fabian Nicieza writing it?” Quesada responded, “Aren’t the New Warriors dead? I don’t know if you’ll be seeing the old New Warriors running around any time soon so that alone would make it difficult for anyone to write.”

Source: Newsarama’s New Joe Fridays – Week 15

More on Nova’s new ongoing

Editor Andy Schmidt spoke with CBR News about the Annihilation spin-offs and gave some hints on what to expect from the new Nova series.

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Warriors in new Civil War trailer has posted a new flash trailer to promote Civil War #4. The New Warriors are seen in the beginning and Dagger is seen later, using images from the mini-series.

New Warriors-related comics in December

The following Marvel Comics could have appearances by New Warriors:

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Profile: Bandit

(Main Chronology Page)

Overview: The illegitimate son of a rich businessman, Donyell grew up resenting his privileged half-brother. Discovering his mutant ability to generate electricity, he grew up training to take what he felt was rightfully his. To this day, he continues to play both sides of good and evil to satisfy his perception of entitlement.

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Profile: Aegis

(Main Chronology Page)

Overview: When high school student Trey Rollins discovered a mystical breastplate giving him defensive powers, he took on the identity of Aegis, local Brooklyn super-hero and champion of Olympus.

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Namorita in Namor movie?

Variety magazine reports that Jonathan Mostow has been signed as the director and screenwriter of a long-in-development Sub-Mariner feature film. Will Namorita make her big screen debut?

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Amazing Friends one-shot officially added

Much thanks to Sean McKeever. I’ve added Spider-Man Family: Amazing Friends #1 featuring Firestar to Volume 1 – Part 1, after the Kings of Pain crossover in the 1991 Annuals and right before the dinner party in Avengers #332 & 333 and the Forever Yesterday storyarc in New Warriors. It might move a little bit toward the present, but not much. This seems about right. Thoughts?

Darkhawk flashback in Beyond! #3

Flank McLargehuge posts at the New Warriors Message Board that Darkhawk has a quick one-panel appearance in a flashback in Beyond! #3.

Spoilers after the jump.

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New Avengers #23 & Civil War: X-Men #2

Cloak & Dagger both had really quick one-panel cameos in New Avengers #23 and Civil War: X-Men #2. Not essential by any means, just more of them standing around as part of Captain America’s resistance.

New picture galleries

I’ve begun adding galleries to each Character page. Unfortunately, I’m still without a scanner, so I’ve stooped to borrowing images from across the internet. Most of the images come from,, and other database sites. If you’d like to contribute scans, please email them to myword @ Please mention what issue the images are from, and the artist(s) who created the artwork. Thank you!

Character creators added

Each character page now has “created by” credits. Some may not be quite right. Corrections are welcome.

Remembering Night Thrasher

In memory of Night Thrasher, the NWCC presents images of the late Dwayne Michael Taylor from across the Internet, some from official releases and some fan created.

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