Loners line-up revealed

Wizard Magazine #181, released this past week, has a quick article with Loners writer C.B. Cebulski and a sketch of the team line-up by artist Karl Moline.

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Quesada: new NW series “difficult”

Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada responded to a reader question Friday that asked “how good are the chances of seeing the New Warriors return in an on-going title? Better yet, what about Fabian Nicieza writing it?” Quesada responded, “Aren’t the New Warriors dead? I don’t know if you’ll be seeing the old New Warriors running around any time soon so that alone would make it difficult for anyone to write.”

Source: Newsarama’s New Joe Fridays – Week 15

Profile: Bandit

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Overview: The illegitimate son of a rich businessman, Donyell grew up resenting his privileged half-brother. Discovering his mutant ability to generate electricity, he grew up training to take what he felt was rightfully his. To this day, he continues to play both sides of good and evil to satisfy his perception of entitlement.

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