Month-in-Review: August ’06

August gave New Warriors fans lots to talk about! See why!

The month opened up with Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada talking about the possibility of the return of Ben Reilly.

WizardWorld Chicago followed with the announcement of yet another Power Pack mini-series this November! Marvel Comics also talked about Nova’s eventual return to Earth, Firestar’s fate, and the source of the premise of the reality-TV New Warriors mini-series in a Civil War panel. Elsewhere at the con, writer Paul Jenkins talked about Speedball’s boxing scene in Civil War: Front Line. The weekend ended with Marvel editors talking about Nova’s life After Annihilation and writer Jenkins joking about killing Speedball by Civil War: Front Line #10.

Then, writer Keith Giffen talked about the evolution of Nova in Annihilation.

A Broken Frontier columnist fondly remembered the original Power Pack series.

Marvel’s announced that their huge Civil War event is delayed, not once, but twice.

Marvel released their solicits for November, even if not all of it is accurate due to the Civil War delays.

Writer Fabian Nicieza the Well of All Things in Thunderbolts.

Toon Zone takes a look at a pitched Cloak & Dagger movie just as Marvel releases a progress report on two New Warriors movies.

And finally, the historic Power Pages fanzine returns for the first time in over 10 years.

Issues added to the Conundrum:

Civil War: Front Line #4-5 (Speedball)
Annihilation #1 (Nova)
Spider-Man Family: Amazing Friends #1 (Firestar)
Fantastic Four #539 (Cloak & Dagger)
Amazing Spider-Man #534 (Cloak & Dagger)

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