Profile: Aegis

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Overview: When high school student Trey Rollins discovered a mystical breastplate giving him defensive powers, he took on the identity of Aegis, local Brooklyn super-hero and champion of Olympus.

Real Name: Trey Jason Rollins
Aliases: unrevealed
Identity: secret
Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York
Approximate Age: 17
Education: high school student
Occupation: student, crime-fighter
Citizenship: under-aged minor of the United States of America
Known Relatives: unnamed mother
Marital Status: single
Base of Operations: Brooklyn, New York
Group Affiliation: formerly, New Warriors
Known Confidants: New Warriors
Known Allies: Hercules
Major Enemies: Heavy Mettle, Lobo’s Boys, Born 2 Die

Height: 6′
Weight: 180 lbs.
Eyes: brown
Hair: brown
Distinguishing Features: none

Trey Rollins grew up in a rough Brooklyn neighborhood the son of a single parent. It is unknown whether Trey ever knew his father or at what point he left them. Regardless, Trey’s mother raised her son to study hard and avoid the gangs that roamed the streets between school and their apartment home. Trey took to school well; by high school, he had an interest in classical mythology. But the dangers of the street were ever present. A drive-by shooting between rival gangs nearly ended Trey’s life, but his close friend James pushed him to safety.

Some time later, Trey’s walk home from school was interrupted by a strange noise emanating from an abandoned building. Trey was drawn to it, and inside discovered a breastplate he recognized as the mythical aegis. In the Iliad, the aegis was described as the shield or buckler of Zeus or Athena bearing the head of Medusa in the center. Zeus would lend the aegis to Athena, who added Medusa’s head to the breastplate after Perseus beheaded the creature. Familiar with the mythology, Trey donned the breastplate and discovered that he was granted the ability to generate protective force fields. Taking the name of the source of his power, Trey became a super-hero, specifically targeting gangs and criminals threatening his Brooklyn neighborhood. His reputation quickly spread; local graffiti artists Lester and Payton were particularly inspired by Aegis and began spray-painting his name around town.

Trey’s first known encounter with other super-powered individuals came when Nova crashed within feet of him after being thrown from a battle with Blastaar. Trey offered to help out, and Nova flew them both back to the fight. After Blastaar’s defeat, most of the combatants agreed to re-form the New Warriors, consisting of Speedball, Namorita, Nova, Turbo, Bolt and Aegis.

Trust from his new teammates did not come easy, however. He was the only current member unwilling to reveal his secret identity to the rest of the team (although, most of the other members had known each other for some time and had been teammates in the team’s previous incarnation). Nova, in particular, did not warm up to Trey, who had a habit of making careless comments due to his inexperience.

Despite the initial awkwardness, the Warriors were willing to help Trey out when Lester’s brother Terry was killed in the crossfire of a gang-related drive-by shooting using A.I.M. weapons. The gang Born 2 Die had hit one of the members of Lobo’s Boys. Attempting to prevent escalation of the conflict, the Warriors paid Lobo’s Boys a visit to convince them not to retaliate. During the discussion, Trey discovered his friend James was now a member of Lobo’s Boys. James balked at the negotiations and began firing on the Warriors. During the skirmish that followed, a wall was knocked over threatening both Bolt and James. Trey chose to save James, who reciprocated by lobbing a grenade to cover Lobo’s Boys’ escape. After helping with the clean-up, the Warriors returned to their headquarters the Crash Pad. Unbeknownst to them, they had been followed by members of Lobo’s Boys, including James. The gang destroyed the Crash Pad using A.I.M. weapons. Trey caught James following the attack, but James threatened to expose Trey’s secret identity to the other Warriors. In exchange for freedom, James gave the name of his gang’s weapons supplier Harley Traynor.

The New Warriors tracked down Traynor to find themselves ambushed at the hands of the armored super-group Heavy Mettle. The fight ended with Heavy Mettle’s escape, but Turbo managed to capture Traynor. The Warriors then went to confiscate the hi-tech weapons of the Born 2 Die gang, and stumbled on James’ attempt to kill one of the gang’s members. They failed in stopping James who ran from the scene of the crime thanks to Trey’s force field.

With the death of a gang member on their hands, Nova now demanded Trey be straight with them. Trey finally revealed his history with James and his own secret identity. The team debated whether to let Trey stay on the team due to his gang connection. Despite Nova’s protest, he was allowed to stay.

A week later, a strange creature calling himself Biohazard started terrorizing a mall during holiday shopping, demanding the presence of the New Warriors. The Warriors arrived on the scene and soon learned that Biohazard was the son of Harley Traynor, who had been killed while awaiting his trial in prison. Fletcher blamed the Warriors for his father’s death. After they defeated Biohazard with the help of the junior mutant team Generation X, Namorita arranged to have Biohazard contained at Project: Pegasus.

Following the holidays, the New Warriors assisted the authorities in capturing Mutant Force after the criminals had hijacked an armored car. Hercules watched the evening news report of the incident, and saw Trey for the first time. He instantly assumed Trey had stolen the breastplate, and set out to track him down.

Soon after, it was discovered that Dalton Beck, the arson investigator who had obtained a new headquarters for the Warriors and had been dating Turbo, was actually Firestrike, a member of Heavy Mettle. Trey instantly blamed Beck for helping put A.I.M. weapons in the hands of gang members in his neighborhood. Beck explained that he was hired muscle assigned the task of stealing Turbo’s armor and that the man really behind it all was Joe Silvermane. Beck exhibited a change of heart and worked with the Warriors to take down Heavy Mettle and help bring charges against Silvermane.

A short time later, Night Thrasher returned to the team looking for help in battling Junzo Muto and The Hand. During the mission to rescue Iron Fist from Muto, Trey butt heads with Night Thrasher, but his bond with the rest of the team improved, particularly with Nova.

About a week later, Hercules tracked Trey down to the New Warriors’ new headquarters, teleported most of the team to Olympus, and charged Trey with stealing the breastplate. Zeus and Athena corrected Hercules and explained that Athena had left the breastplate for Trey to find as a gift. Athena declared Trey her newest mortal champion and supplied him with a new costume. Gaining new confidence and trusting in his instincts, Trey led the team in passing a test of courage by battling Hercules. Trey was accepted as Olympus’ new champion and Hercules offered to teach Trey more. The Warriors were returned to Earth, where Night Thrasher officially rejoined the team.

Trey’s activities following these events aren’t completely known. He remained with the New Warriors for a while. It’s possible he then spent some time in Olympus receiving more training, as well as focusing on his high school studies to obtain a college scholarship.

Following the passing of the Superhero Registration Act, Trey was spotted by S.H.I.E.L.D. performing a heroic deed without having registered. With the help of Madrox the Multiple Man, he escaped capture and set off in search of Captain America‘s resistance forces. It is uncertain at this time whether he succeeded.

Abilities/Accessories: The mystical breastplate provides defensive capabilities in the form of an impenetrable personal force field, which can absorb, release, and redirect energy directed at or near it. The force field can be extended to cover an area within a distance of approximately ten feet. The force field, often invisible and always transparent, can take the shape of screens, bubbles, and domes. The force field is activated by the wearer being consciously aware of a threat; if he is taken by surprise, he will only have the breastplate’s metal properties for protection. The physical properties of the breastplate are unknown but mystical in nature.
Athena has granted Trey unrestricted passage to and from Olympus.

POWER RATINGS (scale of 1-7)
Intelligence: (2) normal
Strength: (2) normal – able to lift own body weight
Speed: (2) normal
Durability: (6) superhuman
Energy Projection: (6) able to discharge multiple forms of energy
Fighting Skills: (2) normal

First Appearance: New Warriors v2 #0
Created by: Jay Faerber & Steve Scott
Origin: New Warriors v2 #0 & New Warriors v2 #10
Significant Issues:
New Warriors v2 #0 – found breastplate
New Warriors v2 #1 – joined New Warriors
New Warriors v2 #2 – vs. Eugenix
New Warriors v2 #3-4 – intervened in gang war, revealed identity to New Warriors
New Warriors v2 #5-9 – vs Biohazard, Mutant Force, Heavy Mettle, the Hand, Blizzard and rogue Iron Man armor
New Warriors v2 #10 – met Olympian gods, learned truth behind origin, got new costume
Thunderbolts #57 – captured by Graviton with most of Earth’s heroes
X-Factor v3 #9 – assisted by Multiple Man to evade capture by S.H.I.E.L.D. forces for not conforming to Superhero Registration Act

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