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Overview: The illegitimate son of a rich businessman, Donyell grew up resenting his privileged half-brother. Discovering his mutant ability to generate electricity, he grew up training to take what he felt was rightfully his. To this day, he continues to play both sides of good and evil to satisfy his perception of entitlement.

Real Name: Donyell (last name unrevealed)
Aliases: Donyell Taylor
Identity: secret
Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois
Approximate Age: 26
Education: unknown
Occupation: criminal, adventurer
Citizenship: United States of America
Known Relatives: Dwayne Taylor/Night Thrasher (half-brother, deceased), Daryl Taylor (father, deceased), unnamed woman (mother, deceased)
Marital Status: single
Base of Operations: formerly Chicago, Illinois; New Orleans, Louisiana; and New York, New York
Group Affiliation: formerly New Warriors, Thieves’ Guild and Assassins’ Guild
Known Confidants: formerly Silhouette
Known Allies: none
Major Enemies: Night Thrasher, Gambit, Sphinx

Height: 6’4″
Weight: 300 lbs.
Eyes: brown
Hair: black
Distinguishing Features: formerly, temporary yellow tattoo over left eye

Donyell was conceived between June 17 and June 20, 1971 in an executive suite at the Fairmont Hotel in Chicago on North Columbus Drive. He was the product of an illicit affair between an unnamed woman and the late Daryl Taylor, CEO of the Taylor Foundation, who was in town on a busines trip. The two met at a party and spent the night together. Taylor then left the woman and Chicago to return to his wife in New York City. Before the following Christmas, the woman received a six-figure check from Taylor. She never heard from him again.

The exact details of Donyell’s childhood are unknown, but at some point he found out about his father, presumably from his mother. What became of Donyell’s mother is unknown. But, Donyell’s resentment and anger grew when he discovered that Taylor had a legitimate son, Dwayne Taylor, who had inherited his parents’ fortunes following their murder. Donyell’s research led him to discover that Dwayne Taylor was secretly Night Thrasher of the New Warriors. Donyell felt he deserved Dwayne’s life and, after developing powers of his own, began plotting to steal it.

To prove he was Dwayne’s better, Donyell debutted as Bandit by attacking several of Dwayne’s previous opponents: Tantrum in San Francisco, Impulse (who was wheel chair bound in prison) in New York, and Midnight’s Fire in Madripoor. While in New York, he stopped by the apartment of Silhouette Chord, who he knew to be Dwayne’s estranged girlfriend. He did not attack her, but instead referred to her relationship with Dwayne Taylor and expressed a romantic interest in her. He left without revealing his identity.

Two days after his stop in Madripoor, Donyell returned to New York and again briefly appeared before Silhouette, which prompted her and Dwayne to meet at her apartment. Donyell entered and confronted Dwayne. Donyell, who was bigger, faster and stronger than Dwayne, got the first strike with his electric charges. Dwayne was without his armor and was severely beaten. Donyell captured Silhouette to lure Dwayne into a final confrontation. Donyell revealed to Silhouette that he was Daryl Taylor’s illegitimate son. Silhouette offered her sympathy. By the time Dwayne arrived in his Night Thrasher armor, Donyell had already untied her. The two again battled, but Dwayne quickly overwhelmed him.

Despite his defeat, Donyell soon became romantically involved with Silhouette. One night, she abruptly disappeared with a flash. With no other options to get her back, he made his way to her teammates’ headquarters, the Crash Pad. There he found the New Warriors’ support staff, Silhoutte’s father Andrew Chord, helicopter pilot Sprocket and strategist Hindsight Lad. The other New Warriors had similarly vanished, displaced through time. Chord and the others intended to assemble a new team of Warriors to get them back. Donyell offered to lead the new team, and helped assemble Alex Power, Dagger, Darhawk and Turbo. With the help of Meryet Karim, they tracked energy signatures to Egypt and confronted the Sphinx. With the return of the time lost Warriors, the two teams pushed back until the arrival of Sayge led to the Sphinx and Meryet merging into a composite being and leaving in peace.

Silhouette’s experience in the past drew her closer to Donyell, but still he was not content. He secretly broke into the offices of Multi-Chem, a divison of the Taylor Foundation, and stole confidential papers on the acquisition of Bio-Dyne, a pharmaceutical company owned by Tommy Ng. Ng had once been known as Scorch, a mutant drug dealer Dwayne and Silhouette had come into conflict with before the New Warriors were formed. Bandit sold the papers to Dwayne’s competitors and gave a copy to Silhouette, who confronted Dwayne about doing business with a criminal. Following a tense struggle between the four, Dwayne convinced Silhouette that allowing Tommy to live a productive life now would be more beneficial than putting him through the flawed legal system and hoping he would pay for the crimes of his past. Silhouette relented, but the split between them was now too great. Soon after, Donyell officially cut his ties with the Warriors, and Silhouette left with him.

Not much is known of this period in Donyell’s life. It is assumed he returned to Chicago with Silhouette.

Donyell next appeared in New Orleans romancing Belladonna Boudreaux, leader of the Thieves’ and Assassins’ Guilds and ex-wife to Gambit of the X-Men. Donyell intended to usurp control of the Guilds from Belladonna. His plans were interrupted when Gambit returned to town. Gambit had previously been voted leader of the Guilds but had left to adventure with the X-Men, leaving Belladonna in charge. Donyell arranged for the Guild members to quietly eliminate him with the help of A.I.M. weapons stolen by Detective Noreen Tanaka, a rogue cop who had become obsessed with Gambit. Before action could be taken, Gambit revealed Donyell’s true intentions to Belladonna and the Guilds, and disarmed Tanaka before she could blow everyone up with a nuclear bomb. Unfortunately, the Guild members decided to revolt against their leaders, and Donyell found himself teaming up with Gambit and Belladonna against the very Guild members he had conspired with. Bandit quickly fled New Orleans. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Abilities/Accessories: Bandit generates electricity but requires objects to channel it. He typically utilizes grappling hooks launched from a customized wrist crossbow. The hook penetrates his target’s skin and then opens beneath it to secure in place for the electric shock.
Bandit is also adept at the use of throwing stars and other small arms weaponry.
Bandit is an accomplished marksman, acrobat, and hand-to-hand combatant.

POWER RATINGS (scale of 1-7)
Intelligence: (2) normal
Strength: (3) peak human – able to lift over twice own body weight, up to 800 lbs.
Speed: (2) normal
Durability: (3) enhanced
Energy Projection: (5) long range, long duration, single energy type
Fighting Skills: (6) master of several forms of combat

First Appearance: Night Thrasher #3
Created by: Fabian Nicieza & Javier Saltares
Origin: Night Thrasher #8
Significant Issues:
Night Thrasher #3-4 – vs. Tantrum, vs. Impulse
Night Thrasher #5 – first approached Silhouette
Night Thrasher #7-8 – vs. Night Thrasher, revealed identity
New Warriors #48-51 – led replacement team of New Warriors
Night Thrasher #13-14 – continued relationship with Silhouette, stole Taylor secrets
Gambit v4 #10-12 – revealed as Belladonna’s lover, sought leadership of Unified Guild, exposed by Gambit

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Night Thrasher #7 (art by David Boller)

Night Thrasher #8 (art by David Boller)

Headshot of Bandit (art by Darick Robertson)

New Warriors #49 (art by Darick Robertson)

Costume during “Time & Time Again” (art by Darick Robertson)

New Warriors #51 (art by Richard Pace)

Night Thrasher #14 (art by Guy Dorian)

In New Orleans (art by Georges Jeanty)


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