More on Nova’s new ongoing

Editor Andy Schmidt spoke with CBR News about the Annihilation spin-offs and gave some hints on what to expect from the new Nova series.

The current mini-series will conclude with issue #6 in January 2007. Two one-shots will follow in February and March that will focus on the Heralds of Galactus to wrap up two loose ends from Annihilation.

Then, the new Nova series by writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning begins. The two writers wrote the recent Annihilation: Nova lead-up mini-series. Despite Abnett previously stating Rich Rider would be in the title role, Schmidt brought some doubt to the topic. “Nova is going to be so killer it’s ridiculous,” Schmidt told CBR News. “I can’t guarantee that Richard Rider makes it out of Annihilation as Nova or even alive at this point. Really, no one is safe, so that’s about all I can say.”

Schmidt clarified what wouldn’t happen. “He’s not going to be trying to put together a Nova Corps. Been there, done that.”

The interview goes on to explain that some of the cosmic characters from Annihilation will go on to play supporting roles in Nova, which will have a more science-fiction angle rather than super-hero. Most of the series will focus on Nova’s space adventures, but there will be some Earth-based factors that “fans will be clamoring for”.

For the full interview, click here.

UPDATE: To vote for Richard Rider as Nova, participate in this fan-created poll at CBR’s Annihilation Forum, frequented by editor Andy Schmidt.


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