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Celebrating the father of Cloak & Dagger

Comics Should Be Good blogger Greg Hatcher interviewed Xeric Award-winner David Yurkovich on his work to create a Bill Mantlo Benefit Book and Mantlo’s career in general. Mantlo was the co-creator of Cloak & Dagger and also wrote their first mini-series and much of their first ongoing series. To see preview pages and donate to the creation of the benefit book, Mantlo: A Life in Comics, visit here. (More after the jump.)

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Cloak & Dagger: no plans

Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada stated that “there’s always a possibility, but there are no plans currently” for a new comic starring Cloak & Dagger. The entire Q&A column can be read here at Newsarama.

Nova NOT in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

The Nova Prime Page reports that Nova is NOT in the newly-released Marvel: Ultimate Alliance video game. The previous source had erroneously identified Captain Marvel as Nova. However, as previousy reported, Namorita and Scarlet Spider are confirmed as non-playable characters. Source: Nova Prime Page.

Namorita in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

On-sale today, the video game Marvel: Ultimate Alliance includes Namorita as a non-playable character. Her exact role in the game is unknown. A screen shot of her can be found here. Thanks to David Gallaher for the tip.

New Warriors comics in January

Marvel released their solicitations for comics shipping in January. Aside from the huge conclusion to Annihilation starring Nova and the penultimate conclusion to the latest Power Pack mini-series, not a big month. Oddly, info on Civil War and Loners is missing, although shipping info is included for Civil War: Front Line #10 (on-sale January 4) and Civil War #7 (on-sale January 17).

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Annihilation’s conclusion

Newsarama has posted an interview with writer Keith Giffen on the conclusion of the 6-part Annihilation mini-series, and the one-shots that will follow. It includes an image of the cover to issue #6 featuring Nova.

More League of Losers?

This past Friday, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada responded once again to reader questions on his weekly Q&A column at Newsarama. One reader asked if the League of Losers, including Speedball, Darkhawk and Dagger, would ever be seen again after their appearance in the recently-released Marvel Team-Up #25, that series’ final issue. Quesada responded, “I suspect that that ending was constructed in that way so that we could bring them back some day. When, well that’s another story now isn’t it.” Read the full interview here.

Nova in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance’s preview of the the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance video game reveals that Nova will be a playable character on the PSP version. The highly-anticipated game will be released on October 24. WorthPlaying’s preview has lots of screen shots, but none include Nova.

Cloak & Dagger choose sides

Cloak & Dagger appear in this month’s Civil War: Choosing Sides one-shot, according to a preview image included in a Newsarama interview with editor Tom Brevoort. It looks to be a new scene from the Yancy Street battle from Amazing Spider-Man #534 and Fantastic Four #539.

Added: Annihilation #2 & Civil War: Front Line #6

Annihilation #2 starring Nova and Civil War: Front Line #6 starring Speedball (in the 9-page second story) have both been added to the site. Both appearances are very significant.

Annihilation #3 preview

Nova Prime Page does it again, posting a 4-page preview of Annihilation #3 starring Nova.

Annihilation t-shirt announced

Nova will be front and center for a new Marvel t-shirt, according to the Nova Prime Page. The shirt, which uses the cover of Annihilation: Prologue, is scheduled to ship to stores in December. Pricing will be $17.99 for small to extra large shirts, and $20.99 for extra-extra large. The NPP has a larger scan of the image.

New HeroClix: Night Thrasher, Justice & Nova

According to a poster on the New Warriors Dot Com Forums, InQuest Gamer magazine #139, released today, has announced the line-up of the characters for HeroClix: Supernova, the latest series in the game. New Warriors related figures are Night Thrasher in his original armor, Justice from his Avengers tenure, and two versions of Nova (one in his brown and yellow costume, and one in his original blue and gold costume). Pictures will be posted once they are released. The figures will be released some time this month. See the official HeroClix website for more information.
UPDATE: The Nova Prime Page has posted a scan of the two Nova figures.

Loners #1 cover revealed

Writer CB Cebulski has posted on his blog the inked version of Jason Pearson’s cover for Loners #1. This image confirms the new designs for Turbo, Darkhawk and Julie Power. Take a look after the jump…

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