Celebrating the father of Cloak & Dagger

Comics Should Be Good blogger Greg Hatcher interviewed Xeric Award-winner David Yurkovich on his work to create a Bill Mantlo Benefit Book and Mantlo’s career in general. Mantlo was the co-creator of Cloak & Dagger and also wrote their first mini-series and much of their first ongoing series. To see preview pages and donate to the creation of the benefit book, Mantlo: A Life in Comics, visit here. (More after the jump.)

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New Warriors comics in January

Marvel released their solicitations for comics shipping in January. Aside from the huge conclusion to Annihilation starring Nova and the penultimate conclusion to the latest Power Pack mini-series, not a big month. Oddly, info on Civil War and Loners is missing, although shipping info is included for Civil War: Front Line #10 (on-sale January 4) and Civil War #7 (on-sale January 17).

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More League of Losers?

This past Friday, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada responded once again to reader questions on his weekly Q&A column at Newsarama. One reader asked if the League of Losers, including Speedball, Darkhawk and Dagger, would ever be seen again after their appearance in the recently-released Marvel Team-Up #25, that series’ final issue. Quesada responded, “I suspect that that ending was constructed in that way so that we could bring them back some day. When, well that’s another story now isn’t it.” Read the full interview here.