Celebrating the father of Cloak & Dagger

Comics Should Be Good blogger Greg Hatcher interviewed Xeric Award-winner David Yurkovich on his work to create a Bill Mantlo Benefit Book and Mantlo’s career in general. Mantlo was the co-creator of Cloak & Dagger and also wrote their first mini-series and much of their first ongoing series. To see preview pages and donate to the creation of the benefit book, Mantlo: A Life in Comics, visit here. (More after the jump.)

Yurkovich stated, “Bill was proudest of CLOAK AND DAGGER, which he created and developed with writer/artist Ed Hannigan. After years of writing characters created by others, I think Bill had found his niche with CLOAK AND DAGGER. The duo became quick fan favorites and, following a mini-series, spiraled into an ongoing series. It was obviously distressing to Bill when he was pulled from the book by the (then) powers that be. In sorting through old interviews with Bill, and from personal recollections from his brother, it seems obvious that Bill’s removal from CLOAK AND DAGGER was based on in-house politics rather than Bill’s ability to produce good stories. The characters are still popular with fans. Rick Leonardi told me that when he does convention sketches, Cloak and Dagger remain among top requests by fans.”

The full interview can be found here.
Thanks to PaxHouse for posting about the interview at the New Warriors Dot Com forums.


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