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Overview: Teenager Chris Bradley’s life was turned upside down when he discovered his mutant powers of electro-static manipulation and was diagnosed with the mutant disease, the Legacy Virus.

Real Name: Christopher Bradley
Aliases: Maverick (alias at time of death); formerly Brian Johnson
Identity: secret
Place of Birth: Dutchess County, New York
Approximate Age at time of death: 17
Education: high school (incomplete)
Occupation: mercenary; former adventurer, student
Citizenship: United States of America
Known Relatives: Bill Bradley [formerly Frank Johnson] (father), Marion Bradley [formerly Rose Johnson] (mother), Catherine Bradley [formerly Jennifer Johnson] (sister)
Marital Status: single
Base of Operations: mobile; formerly New York City, New York, and Altamonte Springs, Florida
Group Affiliation: Gene Nation; formerly Underground, New Warriors
Known Confidants: Donna Funaro, New Warriors, Maverick, Iceman
Known Allies: X-Men, Cable
Major Enemies: Friends of Humanity, Director, Weapon X

Height: 6’4″
Weight: 244 lbs.
Eyes: blue
Hair: black
Distinguishing Features: none

HISTORY (work-in-progress)
Chris Bradley grew up with an apparently normal life in a quiet suburban town in Dutchess County, New York. That all changed when his mutant powers of manipulating electricity surfaced during his freshman year of high school. Powerful enough to merit the attention of Professor Charles Xavier and his X-Men, Chris was intercepted by Jean Grey and Gambit after a stressful flair-up resulting in a power outage at school.

With his parents’ permission, Chris enrolled in the Xavier Institute of Higher Learning to gain better control and understanding of his abilities. After a few weeks of training and bonding with fellow mutants, particularly Iceman, the results of a blood test came back. Chris had the Legacy Virus, a deadly mutant disease which corroded control of powers and eventually consumed the victim. The Legacy Virus had no known cure and treatment was limited.

Chris elected to return home to attempt a normal life. He found that Donna Funaro, a girl he had a crush on since sixth grade and had asked on a date just before his mutant powers emerged, accepted him. Others accepted him, as well. But some, like his best friend since kindergarten, rejected him.

After a short time, the public perception of mutants turned sour on a national level. Locally, Chris began receiving death threats. In response, his parents pulled him out of school. But the harassment continued to escalate. During a visit to a clinic for Legacy Virus treatment, Chris and his parents were assaulted by members of the Friends of Humanity, a grass-roots supremist organization determined to strike out against mutant-kind. Maverick, a private agent suffering from the final stages of the Legacy Virus, happened upon the scene and helped neutralize the Friends and their plot to bomb the clinic. Maverick sympathised with Chris’ situation and offered his help if ever he needed it.

As the threats got worse, Chris began fearing for he and his family’s safety. Chris made several phone calls to the X-Men, and Iceman in particular, but failed to get any kind of response. When his family’s house was destroyed by an arsonist, Chris took off on his own determined to get revenge. Unsure of what Chris might do, Chris’ mother Marion tracked down Iceman to his parents’ house and asked for his help in bringing her back home. Iceman prevented Chris from attacking an office of the Friends of Humanity, but Chris escaped, still angry at Iceman’s negligence as a friend. The tussle caught the attention of a trio of Friends of Humanity, who followed Iceman’s pursuit of Chris to Maverick’s hotel room. The group promptly launched a missile into the hotel room, which inadvertently allowed Maverick and Chris to escape from Iceman. However, they ran into trouble again when the trio of Friends caught up with them, assisted with back-up. But the timely intervention of Iceman, who had enlisted the help of fellow X-Man Wolverine, succeeded in routing the gang. After a tense stand-off between Maverick and Iceman, Wolverine convinced Iceman to let Chris go with Maverick, who offered to relocate his family to a safe environment.

Through Maverick’s connections, Chris and his family took on new identities as the Johnson family and started a new life in the small city of Altamonte Springs, Florida. Chris began his sophomore year as Brian Johnson. Around this time, his control of his powers began to weaken due to the Legacy Virus. Afraid of accidentally outing himself as a mutant at his new school, Chris isolated himself, only reaching out to Maverick when he was available. But after over a week of no calls from Maverick, his loneliness turned to desperation, and he ran from home. Two nights later, he arrived in Manhattan and met up with Donna. But his phone call to her the night before had been overheard; the Friends of Humanity had tapped her phone after Chris moved away. A quartet of Friends ambushed Chris and Donna. The encounter caused his powers to flair out of control, buying them time until Maverick and his assistant Elena Ivanova showed up. A fortuitous arrival by Wolverine helped finish off the Friends, but only with Elena’s psychic illusion that Maverick and Chris had been killed by an exploding gas line set off by one of the Friends. Donna was also fooled by the ruse and now believed Chris to be dead. Angry at himself for running off and endangering Donna’s life, Chris was convined he had to truly embrace the new Brian Johnson identity and forget his past.

Returning back to his new Florida home, Chris began succumbing to intense migraines and more power surges, yet he continued to skip his appointments with Dr. James Keller, a retired Navy SEALS officer who was also treating Maverick. Maverick took Chris with him on an appointment, which led to Chris discovering that Maverick had heen keeping his remission a secret for nearly two weeks. He responded badly, so Maverick didn’t have the heart to tell him that Chris’ condition was worsening.

Shortly after, Maverick returned to the Johnson household with a gravely injured Elena, who had barely survived a pyshic and physical confrontation with a psychotic mutant. A guest room was set up to care for Elena. Maverick and Chris made amends, and Maverick revealed that he was no longer in remission. For security reasons, he asked Chris to choose a code name when communicating or out on the field. Chris chose Bolt.

A short time later, Chris became fed up with Doctor Keller’s tests and treatments. After storming out, Chris had second thoughts, and returned to apologize. On his way back, he noticed that kids from school, Marcus Renfield and his lackeys Dice and Speed, were breaking into Keller’s office. Afraid of exposing himself as a mutant, Chris used his powers to distort his features and attacked the threesome. Unfortunately, the instability of his powers and his condition got the better of him and allowed the hoodlums to overwhelm him. Before the thugs could learn Bolt’s identity, Dr. Keller came to and helped fend them off. Bolt then mustered his strength and finished them off. Chris apologized for his poor attitude earlier and Dr. Keller agreed to show Chris some of his fighting moves learned in the navy. Following his debut as Bolt, Chris’ headaches got progressively worse.

After Maverick left to take care of some personal matters, Chris took his place watching over Elena for hours each day, until she violently awoke from her coma. It is unknown what became of Elena, but she apparently moved out of the Johnson’s house, either of her own power due to her improved health or because of her passing.

Having lost contact with Maverick, Chris eventually decided to stop hiding and to instead use his remaining time to make a difference as Bolt. He ran away from home, abandoned his Brian Johnson alias, and re-united with Donna in New York City to set about establishing a super-hero identity. After hearing of a battle involving Blastaar on the radio, Bolt made his debut and joined the New Warriors in victory.

Abilities/Accessories: Chris Bradley’s genetic mutation allowed him to absorb, store and re-channel ambient static electricy from the atmosphere. He could release electrical charges, channel eletricity through conductive material, form protective shields, and obscure his features.
As Maverick, Chris wore a suit of lightweight Kevlar body armor and was armed with a pair of conventional handguns. His mask was equiped with atmospheric seals. He was extensively trained by Cable in armed and unarmed combat, as well as harsh yet effective interrogating techniques. Chris was also able to successfully mimic the original Maverick’s body language, voice and demeanor.

POWER RATINGS (scale of 1-7)
Intelligence: (2) normal
Strength: (2) normal – able to lift over own body weight, up to twice own body weight
Speed: (2) normal
Durability: (2) normal
Energy Projection: (4) medium range, medium duration, single energy type
Fighting Skills: (4) experienced fighter

First Appearance: X-Men Unlimited #8, Maverick #8 (as Bolt), Weapon X #6 (cameo as Maverick), Weapon X #7 (as Maverick)
Created by: Howard Mackie & Tom Grummett
Origin: X-Men Unlimited #8
Significant Issues:
X-Men Unlimited #8 – mutant power manifested, trained by X-Men, diagnosed with Legacy Virus, began relationship with Donna
X-Men Unlimited #15 – vs. Friends of Humanity, family relocated by Maverick, given new identity of Brian Johnson
Maverick #1 – Legacy Virus began affecting powers
Maverick #4 – reunited with Donna, vs. Friends, saved by Maverick, Elena Ivanova & Wolverine
Maverick #6 – visited Dr. Keller, learned of Maverick’s remission
Maverick #8 – chose Bolt code name, learned of Maverick’s relapse
Maverick #9-11 – saved Dr. Keller from burglars
New Warriors #0 – left Florida for New York City
New Warriors v2 #1 – reunited with Donna, joined New Warriors, began living on streets
New Warriors v2 #2 – with Warriors, vs. Genecide & Eugenix
Contest of Champions II #3 – with Warriors, won basketball game vs. Slingers during Coterie’s “Contest of Champions”, defeated by Black Panther
New Warriors v2 #3-4 – with Warriors, vs. Lobo’s Boys
New Warriors v2 #4 – with Warriors, vs. Heavy Mettle
New Warriors v2 #5 – with Warriors, alongside Generation X, vs. Biohazard, moved into spare room of Namorita’s apartment
New Warriors v2 #6 – with Warriors, vs Mutant Force
New Warriors v2 #7 – with Warriors, vs Heavy Mettle
Wolverine #149 – briefly lost powers due to High Evolutionary’s machinations
New Warriors v2 #8 – with Warriors, alongside Night Thrasher, vs. Junzo Muto & the Hand
New Warriors v2 #9 – with Warriors, vs. Blizzard & sentient Iron Man armor, revealed Legacy Virus infection to Namorita
New Warriors v2 #10 – with Warriors, vs. Hercules, revealed Legacy Virus infection to teammates
[Uncanny X-Men #390 – Legacy Virus cured]
Maximum Security #1 – with Warriors, vs. Spragg the Living Hill
Maximum Security #3 – with Warriors, alongside Earth’s heroes, vs. Ronan
Weapon X #21 (flashback) – learned of Maverick’s death, sought revenge on Weapon X, trained by Cable, assumed Maverick’s identity
Weapon X #8-10 – with Underground, helped capture Reaper & Wildside, brutally interrogated them
Weapon X 11-13 – with Underground, assaulted Weapon X, betrayed by Jackson, captured, escaped, encountered Agent Zero
Weapon X #19-21 – joined Gene Nation intending to secretly oppose them, sent to aid in terrorist attack on Grand Central Station, opposed by Agent Zero, shot & killed by Zero

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