The New Warriors to return!

While I was off getting married, Marvel Comics’ Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada has been talking about the return of the New Warriors with a new comic series next year! What a great wedding present! Read all of the news after the jump.

Fanboy Radio spoke with E-i-C Joe Quesada for their November 8th broadcast, episode #347. A partial transcript of the relevant conversation follows:

Quesada: [I’m] probably most hands-on [right now] with stuff that comes after Civil War, books that will be launching out of Civil War, like… Ready for a drum roll? You got a drum roll? We got to have a drum roll, here.

Fanboy Radio: [Drum roll on desk] There you go.

Quesasda: Thank you. Okay. Dan Slott’s [new] book, which is called… Actually I can’t tell you what it’s called. [Laughter]

Fanboy Radio: What? Oh, you tease!

Quesada: No, I can’t tell you. But I can tell you this. I do suspect, I do suspect…

FR: That drum roll was for nothing.

Quesada: No, no. Here you go. I do suspect that some time next year you may see the New Warriors.

FR: Ah ha…

Quesada: I think you will.

FR: They’re not all dead. Dan Slott’s New Warriors?

Quesadsa: Nnno.

FR: Aw… Okay, it’s not Dan Slott’s New Warriors. But wait a second, the New Warriors are all blowed up.

Quesada: Yes they did.

FR: Obviously a different team.

Quesada: I didn’t say that.

FR: Oh, okay. [Laughter]

Quesada: You said that.

FR: [Laughter] The blowed up New Warriors. I gotta be careful. Well, I’m excited, man, because that is… That definitely has to come out of Civil War, if it’s current Marvel Universe.

Quesada: Yes, it is current Marvel Universe.

FR: There you go. Interesting. […] New Warriors series. On-going?

Quesada: Actually… You know what? I have to check. I’m not sure. I know it’s at least 6 issues.

FR: Okay.

Quesada: I’m not sure if we’ve approved it for an on-going, yet.

FR: How cool.

Quesada: Yup.

FR: All right, I’m excited about that.

Quesada: You should be.


On November 10, on Quesada’s weekly Newsarama column, New Joe Fridays Week 21 drops another hint:

Q: What three Marvel characters currently not starring in a mini or series would you most like to see in their own mini or series?

Quesada: Speedball, Echo, and The Hood.


A week later, at New Joe Fridays Week 22:

Newsarama: Joe, a little more than a week ago you revealed to our friends at Fanboy Radio that the New Warriors would be returning. Now, you’ve mentioned in this forum a number of times that Jubilee is returning in a big way in 2007, as well as hinting that there were plans for a number of teen heroes. Most recently you named Speedball and Jubilee as characters to watch out for in 2007…

So we’re going to take a stab at this … hell, we’re allowed to speculate. All your talk about Speedball the last six months have been part of a conscious effort to raise his profile, and the New Warriors will return, with him and Jubilee, and perhaps others characters like Gravity, Arana, Scorpion, in keeping with an update of the New Warriors’ original premise?


Quesada: The New Warriors concept is pretty cool and while we’ll be introducing you to all sorts of new faces, there will be one returning member. I guess you can use your imagination and kind of figure it out [winks]. As for Jubilee, she’ll be showing up in a very unexpected title, but she won’t be sharing the same book with Speedball.

Newsarama: C’mon, what else can you tell us? Readers wanna know!

Quesada: You’re just going to have to wait and see. The writer of the new New Warriors project has done an incredible job with the first few scripts and I think it’s going to have people talking.


Currently, popular guesses for the returning member are Speedball and Firestar. More news to come…


Author: Corey Blake

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