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Happy 45th Birthday, Fabian Nicieza

Fabian Nicieza was born in Buenes Aires, Argentina, today in 1961.


Grevioux named New Warriors writer

While answering reader questions, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada named Kevin Grevioux the writer for the new New Warriors series debuting in 2007. An artist will be named soon.

From Quesada’s weekly column at Newsarama, New Joe Fridays:

“motteditor” – Joe, I think we’ve gotten the basics of all the post-Civil War titles now, except for one thing: Who’s the creative staff on New Warriors?

JQ: The writer for New Warriors is Kevin Grevioux, we’ll be announcing the artist shortly.

Grevioux’s official website is He was a screenwriter for the feature film Underworld and has also worked as an actor, voice-over actor and stuntman. (See his IMDb profile for his credits and more info.) He has experience as a comic book writer with Alias Enterprise, where he formed two imprints: Astounding Studios for all-age comics like Valkyries, Guardian Heroes and The Hammer Kid, and Darkstorm Studios for more mature titles like Alius Rex, The Pale Horsemen and Universe City. (See this CBR interview with Grevioux.) Most never saw print due to a restructuring of Alias Enterprises this past year, and their current status is unknown.

On his website, he states “I’m also a self-described MARVEL ZOMBIE. In fact, it was my love for comic books that actually lead me to pursue a career in the biological sciences. The Fantastic Four and the Hulk were my favorite comics because the main characters of both books were scientists.” He cites Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and John Byrne as his favorite creators.

Marvel’s Year-End Round-Up: Speedball

For this week’s “New Joe Fridays” column, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada took a look at the previous year, including the near-death of Speedball:

NEWSARAMA: Speedball was another subject oft-mentioned the last year. You seemed to delight in teasing his ultimate demise. Again, this something readers will have to wait awhile for the ultimate pay-off?

JOE QUESADA: Absolutely. See, Speedball is exactly a case of me showing fans my right hand while the left was pick pocketing them [laughs]/ Speedball is a great character, and what we have planned for him… well, lets just say it’s going to hurt.

A lot.

The full interview can be read here.

Is Speedball Penance? has a new article about Penance, the mystery character on the new Thunderbolts team. Speculation has been that the character could be Speedball. Take the jump for the relevant portions of the article:

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Remembering New Warrior’s Christmas

The Pulse’s Steve Chung remembers the New Warriors story from Marvel Holiday Special from 1993.

Justice to star in post-CW Avengers mini

Justice will be on a team of Avengers following Civil War in 2007. The 6-issue mini-series Avengers: The Initiative will be written by Dan Slott, with art by Stefano Caselli and covers by Jim Cheung. Read more about it at this Newsarama interview with Slott.

New Warriors comics in March

Marvel Comics released solicitations for comics shipping in March. As previously reported, Firestar appears in Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #16. Marc Sumerak’s fourth PP mini-series begins, with Power Pack meeting the Hulk. Cover images, full solicits and more information after the jump…

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McKeever on New Warriors – not what you think

Writer Sean McKeever, who is currently rumored to be the writer of the new New Warriors series by Rich Johnston’s Lying in the Gutters column, interacted with fans on the Jinxworld Forums. While he initially would not address the rumor, he did give his opinion of the original New Warriors series.

I never really read much of New Warriors, so I guess I’d have to say no [on being a fan]. I’ve always really liked Firestar, Namorita and Nova, and I sold the series at my shop starting with #1, so I’m not sure why I never gave it a try. Probably because there were so many comics coming out at the time.

I’m a fan of the concept, as one might expect. Not so big a fan of the name.

And a bit later, after a poster recommended New Warriors #7-9 of the original series:

I have since read a bunch of issues–including those you mention–but I found it didn’t age well, to be honest. I can guarantee you I would have been the biggest fan if I’d read them when they originally came out, for what it’s worth.

(EDIT: I so guess my “never really read much” comment was misleading. I meant back in the day.)

And finally, after further discussion of the rumor, McKeever reveals he is not writing the new series:

ook…this really goes against my principles regarding rumor columns, but I’m starting to feel a bit bad about this. I am NOT writing New Warriors. Never was, never approached, etc.

The reason I’ve been so coy is to teach everyone a lesson about putting so much stock in these rumor columns. Seriously, people really need to stop and consider that, while they’re sometimes right or sometimes contain actual news, ATR and LITG are not news columns, as Rich Johnston himself will tell you.

Anyway, I pitched New Warriors two years ago but there was no interest. They wanted a high concept pitch with them as the equivalent of “child actors all grown up,” and I wanted a serious ensemble drama that happened to also be an action-heavy superhero comic. At the outset, the team was broken up, and so were Justice and Firestar. Justice gets the team back together as an excuse to be close to Firestar again. I believe my roster was Justice, Firestar, Speedball, Nova and a new Marvel Girl, whose powers and partial background I later turned into Gravity. After the first arc I was going to bring in Thor Girl and/or Namorita.

I’ve since lost my pitch in a hard drive crash, otherwise I would consider sharing it with you all.

Sean McKeever’s post

Annihilation #3-4, Civil War #5, Front Line #7-8

The following issues have been added to the Conundrum: Annihilation #3 & 4, Civil War #5 and Civil War: Front Line #7 & 8.
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Firestar returns to Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane

Firestar will be returning to the pages of Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane with the series’ 16th issue. She last showed up for the first time in issue #3. The series, which takes place in an alternate reality from the normal Marvel Universe, is written by Sean McKeever, currently rumored to be the writer for next year’s new New Warriors project.

Jump for a larger version of the cover image:

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2007: New Warriors & in-continuity Power Pack

Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada revealed that Power Pack will be “coming back into continuity” in 2007 while talking about Marvel’s ‘comics for kids’ publishing, in his latest New Joe Fridays column at Newsarama.

Quesada also talked about the main Marvel Universe line in 2007. He stated, “Books like Thunderbolts, Dan Slott’s new title and The New Warriors are going to be a lot of fun. It’s going to be fun and it’s going to be controversial, but what’s Marvel without a little controversy, right?”