Annihilation #3-4, Civil War #5, Front Line #7-8

The following issues have been added to the Conundrum: Annihilation #3 & 4, Civil War #5 and Civil War: Front Line #7 & 8.

Annihilation #3 & 4 once again feature Nova, although only for 4 pages in #4 as another faction of resistance fighters takes center stage. The mini-series is building to its conclusion with only 2 more issues to go and Nova rocketing right into the heart of enemy territory with his small cadre of fighters.

Civil War #5 has small appearances by Ultra-Girl (five panels and a line of dialogue), Justice (three panels), and Silhouette (one panel). (For a moment, I thought Debrii was there for four panels and a line of dialogue, but it’s Monica Rambeau (Photon, Captain Marvel) from Nextwave). While not seen, Cloak & Dagger are revealed to have been captured in Queens off-panel. Also, Nova makes a single-panel appearance! Okay, it’s a cartoon drawing of new editor Bill Rosemann as Nova for a quick profile as part of the “Marvel Heroes Hotspot” column, the last page of the issue.

Civil War: Front Line #7 & 8 continue the story of Speedball. #7 is very focused on Speedball. In #8, he is once again unconscious from injuries and has no dialogue, appearing in just five panels (one is a flashback panel and another is a photograph, both take place just after last issue). These issues reveal that something is happening to Speedball’s powers.


Author: Corey Blake

Corey Blake does things on the Internet, and sometimes even in real life.

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