Grevioux named New Warriors writer

While answering reader questions, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada named Kevin Grevioux the writer for the new New Warriors series debuting in 2007. An artist will be named soon.

From Quesada’s weekly column at Newsarama, New Joe Fridays:

“motteditor” – Joe, I think we’ve gotten the basics of all the post-Civil War titles now, except for one thing: Who’s the creative staff on New Warriors?

JQ: The writer for New Warriors is Kevin Grevioux, we’ll be announcing the artist shortly.

Grevioux’s official website is He was a screenwriter for the feature film Underworld and has also worked as an actor, voice-over actor and stuntman. (See his IMDb profile for his credits and more info.) He has experience as a comic book writer with Alias Enterprise, where he formed two imprints: Astounding Studios for all-age comics like Valkyries, Guardian Heroes and The Hammer Kid, and Darkstorm Studios for more mature titles like Alius Rex, The Pale Horsemen and Universe City. (See this CBR interview with Grevioux.) Most never saw print due to a restructuring of Alias Enterprises this past year, and their current status is unknown.

On his website, he states “I’m also a self-described MARVEL ZOMBIE. In fact, it was my love for comic books that actually lead me to pursue a career in the biological sciences. The Fantastic Four and the Hulk were my favorite comics because the main characters of both books were scientists.” He cites Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and John Byrne as his favorite creators.


Author: Corey Blake

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3 thoughts on “Grevioux named New Warriors writer”

  1. Well I’m a lot less excited now. Underworld was pretty awful from a storytelling and dialouge point of view, and the fact that Marvel is putting a fairly novice writer on New Warriors makes me feel like it’s not going to get much of a push marketing wise. However I’ll still pick up the first issue and will keep an open mind and hope Kevin gives us a great volume 4.

  2. I have to disagree with NW. Everyone that I talk to LOVES UNDERWORLD. Many people liked it because it was a “sleeper ” and they thought it was a GREAT MOVIE. Thus, I am really anticipating New Warriors. Anyone who has seen the work of Kevin Grevioux, understands that he is far from a novice. How can a novice write UNDERWORLD????……New Warriors will be a GREAT Series!!!

  3. Well Underworld was his first screenplay and I think he’s only recently (last four years max) started working as a professional writer. He just started writing comics last year I believe…I feel that this does make him a bit of a novice writer.

    Even people who enjoy the film (42 metacritic score like it for the costumes, non-stop action and sexy lead. I guess I was hoping for a writer who demonstrates skill with the three dimensional characters and tight plots (both of which are lacking in underworld) that we got from Fabian in volume one.

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