Paco Medina announced as New Warriors artist

Editor Bill Rosemann announced today at the New York Comic Con that Paco Medina will be the artist for the new New Warriors series, which will be debuting this June, according to updated solicitation information recently released.

Readers may remember Medina as the artist for the “League of Losers” story-arc in Marvel Team-Up. More info coming next week…

Also look for Nova and Penance to butt heads in Nova #3.


New Warriors comics in May

Marvel released info on comics shipping in May: Night Thrasher back from the dead?! Not quite… but he makes his debut in Marvel’s all-ages Adventures line! But wait… there’s more! Nova vs. Iron Man! The Initiative continues! More of the Pack with Hulk! More Loners! More Penance! And Firestar is back to woo Peter in Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane! Plus: A New Warriors tribute!

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Added: Annihilation #5-6, Civil War #6, Front Line #9-10 & more

New additions to the site: Annihilation #5 & 6, Civil War #6, Civil War: Front Line #9 & 10, and Civil War: Choosing Sides #1, plus Avengers and Power Pack Assemble #1-4 and Spider-Man and Power Pack #2-3 have been added to the Alternate Realities section.

Big times SPOILERS after the jump:

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