Added: Annihilation #5-6, Civil War #6, Front Line #9-10 & more

New additions to the site: Annihilation #5 & 6, Civil War #6, Civil War: Front Line #9 & 10, and Civil War: Choosing Sides #1, plus Avengers and Power Pack Assemble #1-4 and Spider-Man and Power Pack #2-3 have been added to the Alternate Realities section.

Big times SPOILERS after the jump:

Annihilation #5 & 6 heavily feature Nova, particularly in the last issue, which sets him up for his new solo series this year.

Civil War: Front Line #9 & 10 are extremely life-altering appearances for Speedball. And everyone who speculated that Robbie Baldwin would become Penance on the new Thunderbolts team, pat yourselves on the back. Robbie’s page has been modified to reflect his new identity. Unfortunately, I’m still scanner-less, so the headshot will have to remain for now.

Civil War #6 has one panel of Cloak & Dagger at the very end, as they and a ton of other characters are broken out of the Negative Zone prison. Not really essential. (Anyone know who is on Taskmaster’s left on the big splash page of Iron Man’s arm barging in? It kind of looks like Silhouette, but she was on Cap’s side before and the one leg shown seems surprisingly fine. So, I assume it’s someone else.)

Civil War: Choosing Sides #1 has a two-page panel of the now familiar Yancy Street Battle with Cloak & Dagger. Not essential at all.


Author: Corey Blake

Corey Blake does things on the Internet, and sometimes even in real life.

2 thoughts on “Added: Annihilation #5-6, Civil War #6, Front Line #9-10 & more”

  1. I’m a-pattin’, I’m a-patting….!! 😉 😛 LOL

    Anyway, good work with the updating; although you forgot to add THUNDERBOLTS #110……UNLESS you’re planning to create a special section for Speedball/Penance….. 🙂

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