4-page preview of New Warriors #1

A 4-page preview of New Warriors #1 by Kevin Grevioux and Paco Medina has been posted at Newsarama, along with a message from editor Axel Alonso:

“Here’s a first look at issue #1. Here, we see one of the New Warriors putting the screw to the Grey Gargoyle. In the course of the first arc, we’ll reveal the identity of this hero, as well as the rest of her team – including their enigmatic leader. Who are these new New Warriors? They’re super heroes you already know, sporting new super hero identities. Why did they adopt new identities, you’re asking? That’s a slowly unfolding mystery that we’ll reveal in the course of the first two arcs. The first question, of course: Is this an entirely new team…or did some — or all — of the original New Warriors survive the catastrophe at Stamford? Or is the truth somewhere in between?”



Nova in Annihilation: Conquest

Marvel Comics posted a checklist for the Annihilation: Conquest event starting in June. Nova #4 in July starts a 4-part crossover for the title, running concurrently with three 4-issue mini-series starring Quasar, Star-Lord and Wraith. Marvel.com also has an interview with editor Bill Rosemann about the event from the recent New York Comic-Con.

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New Warriors comics in June

Marvel Comics has released a preview of their June solicits. The complete listing will be released later this week. The New Warriors debut… but not the ones you remember! Nova vs. Penance! Plus more of the Thunderbolts and The Initiative!

UPDATE: The sequel to Annihilation is coming… Annihilation: Conquest!

UPDATE 2: The complete listings have been released. The Loners have a new member! Hulk and Power Pack concludes! And more!

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New Warriors in June – cover, partial roster and more revealed

(Pardon us while we catch up on some recent news.) Writer Kevin Grevioux spoke with Newsarama again, revealing more about the new series and some of the line-up. The interview was posted on February 24 and provides a look at the cover, some character designs and more clues on what we’ll see when the ongoing series debuts in June by Grevioux and artist Paco Medina.

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Added: Civil War #7 and Thunderbolts #110-111

Cloak & Dagger appearances in Civil War #7 have been added to the site. The appearances aren’t crucial, but there’s a dang cool Cloak moment in the issue.

Penance makes his public debut in Thunderbolts #110 & 111, which are also added to the site. He’s sort of a silent background player right now, as the focus is put on other members of the cast. He does get a moment to shine in #111, though.

I also (finally!) officially moved Slapstick and Ultragirl out of the Allies section and into the Members section on the menu to your right.