New Warriors in June – cover, partial roster and more revealed

(Pardon us while we catch up on some recent news.) Writer Kevin Grevioux spoke with Newsarama again, revealing more about the new series and some of the line-up. The interview was posted on February 24 and provides a look at the cover, some character designs and more clues on what we’ll see when the ongoing series debuts in June by Grevioux and artist Paco Medina.

Read on for excerpts from the interview and more images…

Newsarama: How and why are the new New Warriors formed?

Kevin Grevioux: In a word…RESISTANCE. They don’t like the fact that heroes now have to register. The analogy may not completely fit, but it’s akin to slaves walking around with “freedom papers” in the south after the war is over. The New Warriors are thinking that if secret identities, anonymous heroism and the like were good enough for Spider-Man and other superhumans back in the day, it should still be good enough now.

For them, registration is yet another way for “the Man” to control the masses. The New Warriors know, or they think they know, where that kind of control can ultimately lead, and they will fight it to their last dying breath to make sure that doesn’t happen.

[Tony] Stark is not happy with the New Warriors at all. First of all, they’re using the name New Warriors. An infamous name that already comes with a lot of negative baggage given what happened at Stamford. The public is going to be outraged by this and they’re going to look to the government, specifically S.H.I.E.L.D. to do something about it and squash them before something bad happens again.

Secondly, their mere existence is going to upset the apple cart in a way that not even Luke Cage’s New Avengers are going to do. This will undermine everything Stark has tried to do over the course of the last year. Why? Because even though the vast majority of the public likes the new status quo, there’s still a segment of the public that doesn’t. You see, these are kids that are spear-heading the resistance, not adults. And kids often don’t understand the ramifications or consequences of what they’re doing to because often they lived long enough to see tragic loss. As a result, Stark sees them as dangerous because it makes them very fearless and even reckless.

One of the unforeseen ramifications is that the New Warriors have unwittingly created a kind of youth movement or subculture amongst the populace. A subculture that a growing number of the youths have bought into it. Youths from all over the world. And like with any subculture, its influence grows and spreads to the adult populace. This could have a profound effect on the way the rest of the world perceives the rightness or the wrongness of the Superhero Registration Act. Stark can’t have global public opinion swinging against him, and so he is forced to do something about the new team.

I think the ironic thing about this series is that the New Warriors don’t necessarily look at themselves as superheroes. At least not in the conventional sense like their predecessors did.

Remember, in this post-Civil War/”Reconstruction” era, the traditional superhero has gone the way of the dinosaur. These new New Warriors look at themselves more as soldiers or freedom fighters of a sort, much like the French Resistance during World War II. Or better yet, the group of kids who called themselves the “Wolverines” in the movie Red Dawn. The only difference is that they’re not out to bomb government buildings, hurt people or even center on Stark as the focal point of their ire. They don’t like this new registration system and they’ll do whatever they need to do to show people how wrong it is. They’ll use hit-and-run techniques to stay ahead of the Initiative and S.H.I.E.L.D. and to do what has to be done.

In other words, they’ll save people by any means necessary. Just like the old days. And if they feel the occasional urge to tag a few registration posters or S.H.I.E.L.D. vehicles in the process, they’ll do that too.

And now… a little bit about the roster:


Grevioux: I wouldn’t say she’s the star, but she’s definitely an alpha personality and thus a leader type. To see exactly what her role on the team will be, you’ll have to wait and see. I will say she may be the most powerful member of the team.

Sofia (spelling based on image filename):

Newsarama: Sophia (with the iPod) is Wondra? Judging by the color sketch may we assume she’s Latina?

Grevioux: Ha! I think It depends on what you call Latina. Also, who even said Sophia was Wondra?


Grevioux: She’s a young black girl with semi-elemental powers. She can generate wind, cold and fire.

War Hawk:

Grevioux: He’s a white kid with the ability to fly obviously and has a host of cool weapons at his disposal.


Grevioux: He’s also a white kid who of course has sonic powers given his name. Once you see him in action, you might notice the strange connection he has to another familiar character in the Marvel Universe.


Grevioux: I can tell you that Ripcord is the fighter of the group. She’s a white female, who given her power set, is not someone you really want to mess with.


Grevioux: And Renascence, who is also a white female, has a host of different abilities that are constantly changing over time depending on her mood.

Be sure to read the full interview at Newsarama for more details.


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