4-page preview of New Warriors #1

A 4-page preview of New Warriors #1 by Kevin Grevioux and Paco Medina has been posted at Newsarama, along with a message from editor Axel Alonso:

“Here’s a first look at issue #1. Here, we see one of the New Warriors putting the screw to the Grey Gargoyle. In the course of the first arc, we’ll reveal the identity of this hero, as well as the rest of her team – including their enigmatic leader. Who are these new New Warriors? They’re super heroes you already know, sporting new super hero identities. Why did they adopt new identities, you’re asking? That’s a slowly unfolding mystery that we’ll reveal in the course of the first two arcs. The first question, of course: Is this an entirely new team…or did some — or all — of the original New Warriors survive the catastrophe at Stamford? Or is the truth somewhere in between?”



Author: Corey Blake

Corey Blake does things on the Internet, and sometimes even in real life.

One thought on “4-page preview of New Warriors #1”

  1. I’m probably just being stupid but I wonder if that giant girl that’s grabbing the Grey Gargoyle (and I think she’s the girl on the cover) is Namorita.

    Since it looks sealed, the suit could be containing water/life sustaining fluid due to the damage caused by Nitro’s explosion. The colors of the suit remind me of Atlantean designs we’ve seen before. Also on the right arm (and again maybe it’s my imagination) it looks like writing. Maybe Atlantean?

    The other reason I’m thinking it might be her is the eyebrow shape when we see her up close. They remind me of Namorita’s arched brows.

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