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BBC to air doc on Speedball creator Ditko

BBC will soon be airing a one-hour documentary on Steve Ditko, co-creator and artist of Speedball (and lesser-known characters like Spider-Man and Dr. Strange). No exact airdate has been announced. “In Search of Steve Ditko,” produced by Jonathan Ross, will be broadcast on BBC4, the British art channel. Comic creators such as Jerry Robinson, John Romita, Neil Gaiman, Paul Levitz, Ralph Macchio, Flo Steinberg, Alan Moore, Mark Millar, Stan Lee, Cat Yronwode and others were interviewed. Is it unknown whether Ditko was interviewed.

5/1 Update: At this time, the documentary is about 60% done and does not include an interview with Ditko.

Source:, written by Blake Bell, webmaster of Ditko Looked Up and author of an upcoming book on Steve Ditko slated for a 2008 release.


New Additions: Initiative #1, Loners #1, Nova #1, Thunderbolts #112 & more

Catch-up time! Plenty of first issues have been added, along with some extra goodies! Read on!

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Tidbits from Quesada

In his weekly Q&A column at Newsarama, Marvel Editor-in-Chief is going through follow-up questions to previous answers.

A couple months ago, Quesada was asked “Just wondering when we will ever see Speedball’s former cellmate Hickey again. Can we expect to see him in an upcoming series or even in this year?” At the time, Quesada simply responded with “Yes.” His response now? “Yes.”

A couple weeks later, when asked about a Cloak & Dagger project, Quesada replied, “I’m still waiting for that Cloak and Dagger pitch that’s going to knock my socks off.” Has there been any success? Quesada replied, “Nope, socks still firmly in place.”

Nova #1 sells out

Marvel Comics has announced that Nova #1 has sold out at the distributor’s level after going on sale just last week. While there are no plans to reprint the issue, copies may still be available at individual retailers.

The full press release follows:

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7-page Nova #2 preview

Newsarama has a 7-page preview (colored and lettered) of Nova #2. Justice makes an appearance.

Cebulski on Loners’ sell-out

Following the successful sell-through of Loners #1, Newsarama spoke with writer C.B. Cebulski on what’s coming up in the mini-series.

On the possibility of Hollow (the original Penance) meeting the new Penance (formerly Speedball):

C.B.: While that would be pretty cool, there are no plans at this time, unfortunately. Loners is a brand new comic and Penance is a new character on his own new team in Thunderbolts. I think Marvel wants to give both properties the time to find their footing first. But as Darkhawk and Turbo were once fellow teammates of Speedball’s, it would be kind of interesting to see them all hook up again after so much has changed for them all!

On Julie’s intelligence and age:

C.B.: Julie’s about 17 now and as for how she seemingly went from A-student to airhead, all will be explained.

On whether her brother Alex is part of The Initiative:

C.B.: Well, he was on the cover of the first issue and it does mention him on the roster in Civil War: Battle Damage Report. Seems more like a question for Dan Slott though. Sorry I don’t have the answer.

Will Darkhawk and Turbo react to their old team being labeled as scapegoats for Civil War?

C.B.: Yes.

On a Loners/new New Warriors team up:

C.B.: I’m a Marvel zombie and like my team-ups just as much as the next guy, but Loners just launched and the new New Warriors doesn’t even begin until June. Even I think that’s a little too early to start thinking about these two teams meeting up just yet.

On the previously-mentioned in-continuity Power Pack series:

C.B.: We see Julie talking to Alex in issue one and there will be a brief Katie moment in issue four, however, when Joe Q. mentioned Power Pack reuniting, he didn’t mean that it was happening in Loners. I’ve planned pretty far ahead though, and if there’s ever a second arc or series, a Power Pack reunion is indeed the next story I want to tell. I’m not sure what Marvel or any other writers have planned for the Powers kids though. Power Pack was one of my favorite books as a kid and one of a handful of teams I would really love to write. And if you’re not already, any and all Pack fans should be reading Marc Sumerak’s wonderful Power Pack series!

On the possibility of becoming an on-going:

C.B.: Your guess as is good as mine, but I certainly hope so! I’ve got an 18 issue story planned so there’s plenty more stories to tell. I’d keep writing Loners for as long as Marvel wants me to!! Fingers crossed…

For the entire article, colored preview pages, and an opportunity to ask Cebulski questions, click here.

Loners sells out

Marvel Comics is reporting that Loners #1 has sold out at the distributor’s level, after last Wednesday’s release. It has been stated in interviews that if the 6-issue mini-series does well, an ongoing is possible. Additional copies may still be available at individual retailers, but there are currently no plans to publish a second printing.

Read on for the full press release.

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New Warriors comics in July

Marvel Comics released solicitations for comics shipping in July with another full month of appearances. New Warriors #2 reveals the return of Night Thrasher! Nova #4 blasts the Human Rocket into Annihilation: Conquest! Loners #4 spotlights Lightspeed! Thunderbolts: Desperate Measaures spotlights Penance! Plus the reunion of Robbie Baldwin and Squirrel Girl in Deadpool/GLI: Summer Fun Spectacular and new Fantastic Four and Power Pack mini-series and more of The Initiative!

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The Return of Night Thrasher!

Is Dwayne Taylor alive? Back from the dead? Or is there someone new in the armor?

An early look at Marvel’s solicitations for July releases reveals that the answer can be found in New Warriors #2.

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New Power Pack still coming

Following up on past teases by Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada in his weekly New Joe Fridays column, Newsarama asks about the in-continuity Power Pack project mentioned several months ago. Quesada replies, “Yup, still in talks about a Power Pack series, but you can find Katie in Loners and Alex in… well you’ll see…”

Note: Julie is the Power Pack sibling starring in Loners, not Katie.

Preview pages of Loners #3 and Nova #2 are also displayed.

Fans react to first issues of Nova & Loners

Scanning the internets, the prevailling consensus seems to be that the debut issues of Nova and Loners were great! What did you think?

Read on for snippets of reader reactions taken from various message boards.
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Cebulski on the Loners’ debut… one more time

Loners writer C.B. Cebulski sure knows how to make the interview rounds. CBR News has the latest one. Some excerpts:

“I’ve always had a soft spot in my comic-loving heart for teen heroes and instantly fell in love with these kids,” Cebulski said. “Well, fell in love with them AGAIN would be a better way to put it, as I read all the books starring these characters as they were originally coming out. ‘Power Pack,’ ‘Slingers,’ ‘New Warriors’…

“We get the kids back to their roots as a superhero self-help group who are trying their best to put their pasts as teenage heroes behind them and live normal lives out in L.A.,” Cebulski said. “But once you have their powers, can you ever truly give up the lifestyle? That’s a question they’ll all be struggling with.”

“When some of the Civil War fallout spills over to the West Coast, what will they do?” Cebulski teased.

“Chamber is no longer on the team for various reasons, which I won’t spoil here for anyone who hasn’t read [‘Runaways’],” Cebulski said. “He’s off doing his own thing in X-land now. Mattie ‘Spider-Woman’ Franklin is a character Brian Bendis made me really care about in his run on ‘Alias,’ and given the wringer he put her through, she seemed like someone who could use some fun in the sun in L.A. with this group while dealing with her inner demons.”

Read the full interview

Abnett: more on Nova’s return

Also from Your Mom’s Basement, a last minute interview with Nova writer Dan Abnett.

On bringing him back to Earth in the first issue:

Abnett: Rich is an Earthman, and his career in the New Warriors links him inextricably to the tragedy that kicked off Civil War, so it would be remiss, we felt, not to deal with those issues at the start of the new series. Bringing him back to Earth also grounds Nova in reality, despite his cosmic hero status, and it also gives us the opportunity to show how much he has matured and changed. He’s not the second rate kid hero from the teen team any more. He’s one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe. Rich may be shocked by the way Earth has changed since he last visited, but Earth (and its heroes) is going to be just as shocked by the changes in Nova.

That said, the first issue is very much cosmic based.

On Nova catching up with his old teammates post-Civil War:

Abnett: Like we said, we couldn’t not go there. A couple of the NW members will show up in issues two and three, Penance (Speedball) being the most dramatic.

On Nova’s future:

Abnett: We don’t want to give too much away. A key theme in the opening arc is whether Nova wants to stay on Earth or return to the stars. It’s a tough choice. Where is he needed the most? Where do his allegiances lie? You’ll have to read the book to find out what he decides.

However, it’s no secret that issues 4 through 7 of Nova tie in with the Annihilation: Conquest event, so whether he chooses Earth or the stars as his long term focus, we’ll be seeing some high speed, heavy duty cosmic action for the next story arc at least, as Nova gets called up for another tour of duty.

Read the full interview.

Cebulski on the cusp of Loners’ debut

Another interview with Loners writer C.B. Cebulski has been posted. And with it, a peak at the cover to issue #4, based off of the movie poster for Weird Science.

On the cover concepts:

Cebulski: As an admitted John Hughes nut, I had the original idea which I suggest to editors Molly Lazer and Bill Rosemann. They shot it over to [cover artist Jason Pearson] who we knew was going to be doing the covers, and he batted it around for a bit and mulled over the posters. He finally decided he could make them truly unique by adding his own style and textures and he really changed them from simple homages to amazingly original pieces of art. He added things like the wonderful L.A. map background and text on issue one, and then the incredible chair imagery above Ricochet’s head on issue two! No one does it like Jason!!

On writing a cast of “forgotten” characters:

Cebulski: It’s been a blast! I’m a comic book geek if there ever as one and I read all the books starring these characters as they were coming out; Power Pack, Slingers, New Warriors, Darkhawk, Green Goblin… It’s a thrill for me to be able to write them all into one title. There are some new members coming too. We’ve already seen the Mattie Franklin Spider-Woman character in the first issue previews. Rumor has it the Gen Xer formerly know as Penance joins as well. 🙂 Plus, there is that mystery character that everyone keep guessing about that no one has gotten right yet. Plus, I just got approval for a villain’s appearance that will have people scratching their heads at first, then begging for more!

On the Loners’ role in the post-Civil War Marvel Universe:

Cebulski: They’re taking registering to the extreme. They decided to sign up, but it’s simply a gesture as they’re trying to get out of the game entirely. They want no part of the post-war antics that are going on in New York. But that said, L.A. is their turf now, and when some of the Civil War fallout spills over to the West Coast, what will they do?

Read the full interview at Your Mom’s Basement.

Loners Food Find Contest

Writer C.B. Cebulski is running a contest as an incentive to pick up Loners #1, on sale this week. He writes:

I like to eat.

Yeah, I know, for those of you who know me or have seen pictures of me, that comes as no surprise, right? But it’s true, I love a good meal! You know, if I didn’t get into comics, I’d probably be in the food industry and weigh in at twice the jumbo size I already am now. However, being in comics means I get to travel a lot and I’m afforded the opportunity to try out all kinds of new restaurants wherever I go for cons. Fish tacos in San Diego. Cheesesteaks in Philly. Pizza, dogs and breaded steaks sandwiches in Chicago. BBQ in North Carolina, Memphis and Texas. I try it all. One thing I guess I should point out though is that I’m not a fancy guy. Sure, I like a nice five star meal every now and then, but me, I’m more of a greasy spoon, hole-in-the-wall, local flavor kind of guy. I wanna try the “off the beaten path” dives that usually only the locals know, the kind of places you won’t find in Gourmet magazine. Hot dogs, burgers, wings, fries, chili… I’m all over it!

So what does this have to do with Loners, you ask? Well, they say that writers should write what they know, and I like to think I know food… so when I write comics I toss in little references to certain meals and restaurants I enjoy. I try and squeeze a few quick nods into my books whenever I can. And Loners #1 is no exception! Contrary to popular belief, Los Angeles has some excellent eateries and as that’s where Loners takes place, you’ll see some of my favorite LA restaurants popping up in the book every now and again.

When you read issue one, on sale April 11th, you’ll notice I clearly name drop my beloved In-N-Out Burger in there. That’s a constant in the entire series actually. However, there’s also a subtle tribute somewhere in the first issue to another one of my favorite L.A. hangouts.

So what I’m doing is running a LONERS FOOD FIND contest. I’m offering a free pile of swag to the first five people who can correctly identify the other restaurant referenced in our debut issue. Come Wednesday, the first five people who BUY THE ISSUE, which you will be asked to prove, and e-mail me the name of the joint in question, will get an envelope stuffed with all kinds of signed comics and goodies, with a few extra surprises thrown in to boot! Sound good? I’m at

Comics and food, what more is there to life…? 😛

Enjoy Loners #1!!

Take care,

Good luck!