Abnett & Lanning talk Nova’s return

It’s hot 2-on-2 action as you like it. No, not like that! My good friends Tim O’Shea and Doug Smith (he of Nova Prime Page fame) interviewed the writing team of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, writers of the new Nova series debuting this week. They also briefly discuss Annihilation: Conquest. A 6-page preview of Nova #1 is included.

Notable excerpts:

Andy Lanning: The idea that has become Conquest was originally pitched as a story for Nova’s own book. Editors Bill Rosemann and Tom Breevort lighted in the idea as soon as we sent it in and decided that would make the basis for the next cosmic event, which was fine with us.

Dan Abnett: [Following Conquest, in Nova] we can promise some major storylines, and some reappearances of classic Marvel Universe and Nova-continuity characters.

On meeting the post-Civil War New Warriors before heading back into space for Annihilation: Conquest:

Abnett: Penance (formally known as Speedball) for a start (Previews has already showed that cover!). And look for a reunion with a former New Warrior – now a member of the Initiative – in issue #2.

Abnett: [Artist Sean Chen]’s doing an excellent job, but I especially loved the sequence he’s drawn in issue two when Nova comes home. It’s everything we wanted and more.

Full interview and 6-page preview


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