Fans react to first issues of Nova & Loners

Scanning the internets, the prevailling consensus seems to be that the debut issues of Nova and Loners were great! What did you think?

Read on for snippets of reader reactions taken from various message boards.


“Darkhawk’s back, baby!” – DH the Lurker

“I thought it was cool” – Darren

It’s a definite MUST READ” – PaxHouse

“I really dug it.” – Blane

“This issue has washed away all my doubts.” – Speedbaldwin

“It was f-ing awesome.” – dalunt

“I think of all of the #1’s I read this week (and I read 3), I enjoyed this one the most.” – BanMan

“I thought it was okay.” – Groovie Mann

“This book rules” – GSHAG

“I enjoyed it.” – Palm Trees

“Loved the first issue.” – T.Shock

“Fun stuff.” – motteditor

“Beautiful art, crisp dialog, nice relationships being developed between the characters already, a good fight scene, and a very distinctive take on all the characters so far.” – Bevbos

“This [is] really the best read of the week for me.” – connorfan

“Expect me to be around for #2 for sure.” – Mundungus

“I liked this more than I expected I would.” – strathcona

“This book was neither fun, nor was it interesting, and it certainly wasn’t “Different” enough to make it seem all that needed or relevant.” – AreJaye

“I just wasn’t getting into the book like I thought I would.” – bob_at_york

“I will admit that Loners wasn’t amazing, [but] it was just fun to see some of my favorite 90s heroes out there doing something.” – RogueSmurf6

“This is a great series” – Lestat de Lioncourt

“Funny, sharp dialogue and some great use of MU’s least remembered heroes.” – MadBastard

“I liked the first issue.” – HeckBoy

“This was fantastic.” – lament

“Liked the first issue.” – The Lucky One

“I really loved this first issue. Great dialogue.” – Hi-Fi

“Best issue of the week for me.” – Flameworthy

“This issue shocked me when I read it… I simply loved it so much.” – Steven Faulkner

“Good characterization and the art was prime.” – Volk1

“Wow, what a great issue.” – Faded

“I love this issue!” – Dagger

“Great dialogue and storytelling.” – Tien Long

“A very solid start to a unique, intriguing miniseries.” – Ray Goldfield

“Not sure I will continue to follow it, but it will get me to look at the 2nd issue, if only for its cast.” – Shwicaz

“Overall, it was an enjoyable comic.” – ClintP

“I’m iffy on it right now.” – Thudpucker

“Solid, but nothing amazing either.” – Hock

“I thought it was pretty solid.” – LilPoe

“I didn’t think this was the best start.” – Johnny C. TheLastHorseman

“I liked it.” – Evan the Shaggy

“Liked the first issue, I’ll stick around.” Jonny Z

“I like the premise… But long before the first issue wraps up the premise is essentially abandoned and it dives head-long into the roiling ocean of super-team books that clot the comic shelves.” – Cap’s Corpse

“A cool premise and a somewhat engaging story” – psidx

“Hah, I loved it!” – UltimateFactor

“I’m on board for all six issues.” – Pat Loika

“Really fun.” – TonyFleecs


“Finally the Nova we have been wanting for the past 30 years!” – Timelord

“What a great start to the series!” – Doug

“Awesome first issue” – DH the Lurker

“I am very pleased.” – Ben

“Got chills” – Speedball2000

“This is the best that Nova’s been in a long time.” – Speedbaldwin

“Looking good so far!!” Spiderguy34

“Sadly a bit disappointing” – Willowhugger

“I thought it was a great start to the series.” – gma2darescue

“I have to say I’m pretty psyched to see what is going to happen next” – Cipher

“It was alright.” – Palm Trees

“For a new series i thought this was a good start” – shimmerstorm

“It was an enjoyable first issue.” – neodragzero

“Good ish.” – NielsBohr

“Good first issue.” – wadew

“I thought it was a decent start that set up the premise of the series.” – motteditor

“It was worth the buy. But for my money [the] real series doesnt start until issue #2.” – d1jenkin

“This was the definition of average.” – Sunless

“I’m in for the long haul.” – astronato

“A fairly decent issue.” – Perephal

“This issue suffered from first issue syndrome… but it set up alot of potential.” – scorpion mk

“Now that was a really good start to this series.” – Jovian

“Nova #1 pulled me on-board, and I’m riding this out.” – Ohotmu the all-knowing

“Great start to what looks to be a promising series.” – jsf

“this is the only book I liked out of my Marvel stack” – Sparda

“I really enjoyed it” – Cthulhudrew

“Not too shabby” – Sheldon

“Promising!” – Cayman

“I liked this a lot.” – drwho

“Great first issue, loved everything about it.” – Will.S

“Great issue.” – Thursaiz

“This first issue is horrid. ” – Thudpucker

“This issue was actually a decent, fun read.” – Pat Loika

“I enjoyed it quite a bit, and I thought it got the series off to a good start.” – Dermie

“Total waste of time, as it was real bad.” – Mr. King

“I actually loved this. A lot.” – Ray Goldfield

“I enjoyed it quite a bit. Beautiful Chen art too.” – Kefky

“I liked it overall.” – Clayton James

“Good stuff. I will keep it in my pull for the foreseeable future.” – Ryudo

“I thought it was great. Felt like a great continuation of what happened in Annihilation.” – Briomega

“This first one was painful.” – Humphrey Lee

“I thought it was amazing. The best comic I picked up this week in fact.” – Dave S.

“It was a good reintroduction, and the next arc looks sweet.” – Ryan F

“I liked it, I didn’t love it.” – Johnny C. TheLastHoreman


Author: Corey Blake

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2 thoughts on “Fans react to first issues of Nova & Loners”

  1. The Real Nova is finally here! It’s about time Marvel realized what they had with Nova, and put somebody in charge of the character, who knew what he is all about.

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