New Power Pack still coming

Following up on past teases by Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada in his weekly New Joe Fridays column, Newsarama asks about the in-continuity Power Pack project mentioned several months ago. Quesada replies, “Yup, still in talks about a Power Pack series, but you can find Katie in Loners and Alex in… well you’ll see…”

Note: Julie is the Power Pack sibling starring in Loners, not Katie.

Preview pages of Loners #3 and Nova #2 are also displayed.


Author: Corey Blake

Corey Blake does things on the Internet, and sometimes even in real life.

One thought on “New Power Pack still coming”

  1. And in case you’re wondering about Alex’s status….that ‘subtle hint was in reference to the AVENGERS:THE INITIATIVE Series…..

    And I hope that all of the NW Fans have gotten a chance to read A:TI #1; especially since JUSTICE, RAGE, DEBRII, ULTRA GIRL & SLAPSTICK made their cameos/appearances within said issue…. 😉 8)

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