Cebulski on Loners’ sell-out

Following the successful sell-through of Loners #1, Newsarama spoke with writer C.B. Cebulski on what’s coming up in the mini-series.

On the possibility of Hollow (the original Penance) meeting the new Penance (formerly Speedball):

C.B.: While that would be pretty cool, there are no plans at this time, unfortunately. Loners is a brand new comic and Penance is a new character on his own new team in Thunderbolts. I think Marvel wants to give both properties the time to find their footing first. But as Darkhawk and Turbo were once fellow teammates of Speedball’s, it would be kind of interesting to see them all hook up again after so much has changed for them all!

On Julie’s intelligence and age:

C.B.: Julie’s about 17 now and as for how she seemingly went from A-student to airhead, all will be explained.

On whether her brother Alex is part of The Initiative:

C.B.: Well, he was on the cover of the first issue and it does mention him on the roster in Civil War: Battle Damage Report. Seems more like a question for Dan Slott though. Sorry I don’t have the answer.

Will Darkhawk and Turbo react to their old team being labeled as scapegoats for Civil War?

C.B.: Yes.

On a Loners/new New Warriors team up:

C.B.: I’m a Marvel zombie and like my team-ups just as much as the next guy, but Loners just launched and the new New Warriors doesn’t even begin until June. Even I think that’s a little too early to start thinking about these two teams meeting up just yet.

On the previously-mentioned in-continuity Power Pack series:

C.B.: We see Julie talking to Alex in issue one and there will be a brief Katie moment in issue four, however, when Joe Q. mentioned Power Pack reuniting, he didn’t mean that it was happening in Loners. I’ve planned pretty far ahead though, and if there’s ever a second arc or series, a Power Pack reunion is indeed the next story I want to tell. I’m not sure what Marvel or any other writers have planned for the Powers kids though. Power Pack was one of my favorite books as a kid and one of a handful of teams I would really love to write. And if you’re not already, any and all Pack fans should be reading Marc Sumerak’s wonderful Power Pack series!

On the possibility of becoming an on-going:

C.B.: Your guess as is good as mine, but I certainly hope so! I’ve got an 18 issue story planned so there’s plenty more stories to tell. I’d keep writing Loners for as long as Marvel wants me to!! Fingers crossed…

For the entire article, colored preview pages, and an opportunity to ask Cebulski questions, click here.


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