New Additions: Initiative #1, Loners #1, Nova #1, Thunderbolts #112 & more

Catch-up time! Plenty of first issues have been added, along with some extra goodies! Read on!

New issues added to the Conundrum:

Thunderbolts #112 has some appearances by Penance. He doesn’t do much. Basically just sits at a table with the rest of his new team. Not essential.

Avengers: The Initiative #1 has a couple great scenes with Justice. Rage, Slapstick, Ultragirl and Bengal (remember him?) also show up for a few pages, and get a couple of lines. And Debrii gets a one-panel cameo. Plus, there’s all of the New Warriors-related characters on the two covers for this issue, like Zero-G.

Loners #1 has some great stuff with Darkhawk and, to a slightly lesser extent, Turbo.

Nova #1 has lots of scenes with Nova, obviously. Great issue, as well!

Also, Hulk & Power Pack #1 & 2 have been added to the Alternate Realities page under the All-ages Power Pack section and the Mini-Marvels section for their use of Zero-G.

Plus, there is now a page listing all of the Official Handbook entries related to the New Warriors. Please let me know if there are any that I missed. The link to the page is listed near the bottom of the Pages menu to the right side of every page.

Thanks for keeping the Warriors alive! 2 months until the NEW New Warriors begins!


Author: Corey Blake

Corey Blake does things on the Internet, and sometimes even in real life.

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