New Warriors-related comics for August

Marvel Comics released solicitations for comic books shipping in August 2007. A former Warrior appears in New Warriors #3. Is it Night Thrasher or someone else from the past? Nova has competition in the Human Rocket department in Nova #5. Turbo gets the spotlight in Loners #5. Justice and his staff enlist the Bengal for a special Black Ops Unit in Avengers: The Initiative #5, a part of the World War Hulk epic. Penance continues his self-imposed sentence in Thunderbolts #116. Zero-G files a missing-persons report in Fantastic Four and Power Pack #2. Plus, Nita’s mother Namora shows up again in Spider-Man Family #4 and Incredible Hulk #109. And Dagger gets featured in a second Women of Marvel collection, reprinting old Strange Tales issues.

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