DnA talk Nova w/#3 preview

Writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning spoke with Jennifer Contino of The Pulse about Nova. A previously unreleased preview of issue #3 is included.


The Nova series picks up in the aftermath of the Annihilation saga and follow Nova’s attempts to carry the Nova corps legacy forward. He’s the last of a galaxy wide peace-keeping military police force, and the idea that there are so many people in need after the Annihilation Wave and the subsequent war and he’s all they have. Basically he feels responsible and has the weight of the world on his shoulders. But, he soon finds himself caught up in the events in Kree space that will unfold in Annihilation: Conquest.

Rich has to deal with the Marvel Universe on Earth in post Civil War times: which involves him interacting with his parents, Iron Man, the remaining New Warriors and the Thunderbolts! He then barely gets time to catch his breath when he is launched headlong into the Annihilation Conquest when he finds himself trapped in Kree space with some very hostile elements. This will take him to the heart of the Conquest and eventually to the furthest reaches of space and reality.

Click here for the full interview.


Author: Corey Blake

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