New Additions: Nova #2, Thunderbolts #114 & more

Newly added to the Conundrum are Nova #2 and Thunderbolts #114, plus Hulk and Power Pack #3 to the Alternate Realities page. Take the jump for more info…

Nova #2 obviously stars Nova, but also features Justice in a great 3-page scene and a cameo by Penance on the final page. There’s also a rematch with classic Nova villain Diamondhead for 4 pages, and 5 pages of Rich’s parents Charles and Norma Rider. If you’re one for non-continuity appearances, there’s also a photograph of the original New Warriors line-up circa New Warriors #14: Night Thrasher, Namorita, Marvel Boy, Nova, Firestar and Speedball. This issue strongly ties into the aftermath of Civil War #1 from the Warriors’ and specifically Nova’s perspective. A very important appearance.

Thunderbolts #114 includes about 6 panels of Penance throughout the issue. He mostly hangs back during a rather brutal fight, but enters the battlefield at the end of the issue. He’ll probably be featured more in the next issue. Not essential.

For the Alternate Realities page, Hulk and Power Pack #3 has some 40 panels of Zero-G. Unlike past issues where one member is featured more prominently than another, this story was fairly balanced. Unfortunately, there was no Mini-Marvels back-up story.


Author: Corey Blake

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