Sub-Mariner #51

sub-mariner-51Appearance info:

Sub-Mariner #51
“Armageddon — At Fifty Fathoms Full!”

Cover date: July 1972
Release date: May 1972

Writer: Mike Friedrich
Artist: Bill Everett
Letterer: John Costanza (as Jon Costa)
Cover artists: Gil Kane and Frank Giacoia
Editor: Stan Lee

Story length: 20 pages

Namorita appearance:

  • Page count: 16
  • Panel count: 39
  • Word balloon count: 55
  • Significance of appearance: This is a pretty crucial issue to Namorita’s history. It contains the first telling of her origin. This is her second appearance and first cover appearance (and first cover appearance of any New Warrior). She’s also a major player to the main plot, which includes a flashback to the “death” of her mother Namora.
  • Previous appearance: Sub-Mariner #50 “Who Am I?”
  • Next appearance: Sub-Mariner #52 “Atomic Samurai!”

-Byrrah appearance:

Namora appearance (flashback):

-Llyra appearance (flashback):

  • Page count: 3
  • Panel count: 7
  • Word balloon count: 7
  • Previous appearance: none
  • Next appearance: Sub-Mariner #32

Previous New Warriors appearance: Sub-Mariner #50 “Who Am I?”
Next New Warriors appearance: Sub-Mariner #52 “Atomic Samurai!”

For more information on this issue, see the Spotlight On… Sub-Mariner #51


Thanks to the Grand Comic Database for the cover scans.


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