Checklist: Namora

Namora Appearances in the Marvel Universe
(Listed in alphabetical order)
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New Additions: Thunderbolts #115, Nova #3 & Annihilation: Conquest Prologue

Three new issues have been added to the Conundrum: Thunderbolts #115, Nova #3 and the Annihilation: Conquest Prologue. Nova and Penance each appear in two of the issues.

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Rosemann responds – Loners’ future, Nova & Annihilation

Marvel Comics Editor Bill Rosemann responded to reader questions at Newsarama today. Rosemann addressed the question of Loners becoming an on-going series, and discussed Nova and Annihilation: Conquest. The cover to Nova #7 was also released. Click the image to the right for the full-sized cover by Adi Granov.

When asked if one would need to read the rest of the Annihilation: Conquest issues to enjoy Nova, Rosemann responded, “Well, while upcoming issues of Nova ricochet off the events of the [Annihilation: Conquest] Prologue — and will eventually rocket right back into the main Conquest mini — writers Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning are two of the best in the biz at making sure you get everything you need to know to enjoy the ride. Then again… why would you not read comics that Rocket Raccoon could leap into at any time?”

Another reader asked about the possibility of Loners becoming an on-going series. Rosemann said, “While Loners (the critically-acclaimed mini starring former teen superheroes now in self-help by C.B. Cebulski and Karl Moline) currently doesn’t have the numbers to support an ongoing series, it has — like Agents of Atlas and Nextwave — certainly hit a chord with all who are reading it. So, as with those series, we will be taking steps to keep the Loners characters in the spotlight and see how we can continue their stories. I know that’s not a definite answer, but some series (like Runaways) take time to cultivate their audience.”

Going back to Nova, Rosemann briefly touched on what we can expect to see in Nova while the Annihilation: Conquest mini-series starts up later this year. He explained, “We didn’t feel it was fair to make Nova #4 – #13 official tie-ins to an event that Nova readers might not be reading, but that doesn’t mean Nova #8 – #13 won’t in some way reflect [on] or be impacted by Conquest. So… like I mentioned above… each issue of Nova will stand on its own.” Rosemann then took the opportunity to plug the Nova Prime Page. (Congrats, Doug!)

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