New Warriors #1: What the critics say

Feedback from New Warriors #1 has been coming in since the start of the month, both from critics and readers, and the consensus seems to be “it’s a hit!” Some have problems with dialogue or the decompressed pacing, but over all, most seem happy. Let’s take a look at what the critics have been saying. What did you think?

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June 3
Silver Bullet Comic Books‘ team of reviewers averaged out to 3 out of 5 bullets. Nicholas Slayton:3 1/2 bullets, “New Warriors is a great change of pace from the old incarnations of the team.” Geoff Collins: 2 bullets, but he admitted it was “a fun and light hearted story”. Tobey Cook: 4 bullets, “Books like these make me glad to be a comics fan”. Michael Deeley: 3 bullets, “a fine story in its own right.” Matthew McLean: 3 bullets, “Unless you’re a big The New Warriors fan, this issue will most likely leave you with the feeling that you’ve read this book before.”

June 4
IGN‘s Richard George: Must Read, “this could very well be the next Young Avengers or Runaways. It’s extremely entertaining and simply radiates heart.”

June 5
ComiXtreme‘s Blake Petit: 4 out of 5 stars, “Surprisingly Good”.

June 6
iF Magazine‘s Tony Whitt: “One of the top 5 comics to buy” for the week.

June 7
About Heroes‘ EvilOmar: A-
Pull List‘s user-generated review gives it an overall rating of 10.
Crave Online‘s Dante Maddox called it “a new series worth keeping your eye on.”
Rack Raids‘ Graig: 2 1/2 out of 5, “a decent if generic read with some nice, well rounded art”.
Major Spoilers‘ Matthew Peterson: 2 out of 5, “an interesting concept, somewhat flawed in execution.”

June 8
Silver Bullet Comics‘ Justin Eger: 2 out of 5, “I fear New Warriors will just be another great idea crushed by poor handling”.
Broken Frontier‘s Dave Baxter felt it was “overall a very weak opening effort”.
Comic Pants‘ Nick Budd said “There’s no way that this isn’t a great first issue.”

June 9
Comic Vine‘s user-generated reviews: 4 out of 5 stars.
Comixfan‘s Corey Brotherson: 4 out of 5, “an extremely solid and promising start.”
The Comic Book Bin‘s Zak Edwards: 8 out of 10, “Just a solc comic, front to back”.

June 10
The X-Axis‘ Paul O’Brien: B, “a slow start, but the book feels like it knows where it’s going.”
Fanboy Strikes Back called it their “Pick of the Week” on their podcast.

June 12
Simple Thoughts of a Complex Mind‘s Larry Litle: A+, “This is the best comicbook issue I have read all year.”

June 13
Ain’t It Cool News‘ Vroom Socko: “the plot had better find some originality”.
Silver Bullet Comics‘ Winson Duong: 3 1/2 out of 5, “This is a pretty simple read which isn’t a bad thing, but it does run the risk of being ordinary.”


Author: Corey Blake

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