Loners #3 sells out

Marvel Comics issued a press release this morning announcing that Loners #3 has sold out at Diamond, the exclusive distributor for Marvel. Copies may still be available at retailers. While the issue didn’t sell out as quickly as the first two issues of the mini-series, this continues to be good news for the title’s chances at becoming an ongoing series. As with the first two issues, there are currently no plans to release a second printing.

The complete press release follows.

Loners #3 Sells Out For a Third Time

Marvel is happy to announce that The Loners #3 has sold out at Diamond (though copies may still be available at the retail level). Writer C. B. Cebulski and artist Karl Moline’s innovative look at a group of “recovering” heroes is now three-for-three, with every issue of the acclaimed limited series selling out! The unique title, which spun out of the pages of Runaways, follows five young heroes who are seeking to give up their lives as heroes, and stop using their powers or abilities.

“A three-peat?!? Wow!” writer C.B. Cebulski ecstatically exclaimed. “I guess Marvel has a new ‘little book that could’ on its hands. As I’ve been a Marvel zombie pretty much since birth, being allowed to write a comic with some of my favorite Marvel B-listers was a dream come true. But nothing could have prepared me for the fan and retailer response of this level!”

The critics also agree that The Loners is a series for all superhero fans. “The art of Loners continues to be superb,” says Mattheaw McLean of SilverBulletComicBooks.com, “with excellent character representation and action sequences.”

“This series’ concept is a gem,” says ComiXtreme.com’s Scott Williams. “…If you’re not already on board, go seek out the first two issues to go with this one.”

Says Marvel’s Senior Vice-President of Sales and Circulation David Gabriel, “We keep finding gems like these in our publishing schedule throughout the year. Series like Ares, Agents of Atlas, and now Loners. And just as you’re now seeing a big rise in popularity for Ares, don’t be surprised when you see a bigger push with the Loners characters and even the Agents of Atlas later in the year!”

With the Marvel’s break-out hit The Loners continuing to garner support from critics and fans alike (not to mention those three straight sell-outs), Marvel advises retailers to check their orders for future issues of this series. The Loners may not want to be heroes, but if Marvel fans get their way they may not have a choice!


Author: Corey Blake

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