New Additions: New Warriors #1, Loners #3, Initiative #3 & more

Following the release of New Warriors #1, the Conundrum has made some significant additions to the site, as well as updating appearances from New Warriors #1, Loners #3, Avengers: The Initiative #3, and Hulk and Power Pack #3!

Read on for more info… but be prepared for… SPOILERS.

New Warriors #1 introduces us to Sofia, Barry, Wondra, an unnamed winged character, and the debut of a new Night Thrasher (or possibly his return)! Pages for Sofia, Barry, Wondra and the winged one (presumably War Hawk) have been created. Night Thrasher’s appearances will be listed on the original Night Thrasher’s page. More on that in a bit.

Check out the Pages menu on the right-hand side of the site to access these new pages. Sofia was previously Wind Dancer from the new New Mutants. Barry was previously Beak of the Exiles (and a student of the New X-Men). A tentative list of previous appearances for both characters has been put up. A million thanks to James Hunter for offering this info! But be warned that I have not yet confirmed these appearances or their chronological order. James is a smart fellow and I trust him enough to post what he’s given me, but know that these pages could and probably will change in the future.

Pages for War Hawk and Wondra  have been set up, although there’s not much there yet. Little is known of these new members, so expect changes as more is revealed. Current speculation is that Jubilee of the X-Men is Wondra, which would drastically alter her page. There’s also the possibility that Barry is War Hawk, which would cause those two pages to merge.

Checklists for Barry, Sofia, War Hawk and Wondra have also been created.

And finally we have Night Thrasher. Is it Dwayne Taylor back from the dead? Was the Night Thrasher that died at the start of Civil War really someone else? Or is this someone else? We don’t know yet, and we may not know for a few months. So in the meantime, I’m putting this Night Thrasher’s appearances on Dwayne Taylor’s Night Thrasher page. Once this Night Thrasher’s identity is revealed, I’ll make the necessary changes.

With a new New Warriors series, there is also a new chronology page – Volume 4 is now up. I’ve also broken up what was previously Volume 3 & Beyond into two pages – Volume 3 and Limbo – Part 3.

Meanwhile, other comics were also released that same week.

Loners #3 might have focused on Phil Urich, but Turbo and Darkhawk still got some good page time in. Turbo in particular had a strong showing, especially at the end of the issue. This mini-series keeps getting better. It’s a worthy addition to the New Warriors canon.

Avengers: The Initiative #3 had a page with Justice being suspicious, and then a couple more pages with Justice watching over a training session with The Thing. Rage and Slapstick (and the Bengal) participate in the training. It was nothing hugely imperative, as the series is so far focusing more on the cadets that are new characters.

Finally, Hulk & Power Pack #3 has been added to the Alternate Realities section.

That’s it for now. Expect Nova #3 and Annihilation: Conquest – Prologue to be added soon, as well as more Appearance Info entries on back-issues.


Author: Corey Blake

Corey Blake does things on the Internet, and sometimes even in real life.

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