SDCC: Another Ultimate Firestar clue

Yesterday’s Ultimate Universe panel during San Diego’s Comic-Con International revealed a few more clues about the upcoming Ultimate Firestar previously announced last month.

Writer Brian Michael Bendis, who had stated that Ultimate Firestar had already been introduced in Ultimate Spider-Man, rhetorically asked the audience “Could Ultimate Firestar be someone in the Brotherhood’s daughter?” The Brotherhood of Mutants is being featured on promotional images for the up-coming Ultimates 3.

The Amazing Friends storyarc with Iceman and Firestar will run through Ultimate Spider-Man #119 and 120. Magneto will also appear.

Full article on the panel


SDCC: Chen off Nova?

At San Diego’s Comic-Con International this weekend, DC Comics announced an upcoming mini-series called Salvation Run, to be illustrated by Sean Chen, current artist of Nova. The 7-issue project begins in November. No word yet on how this will effect his monthly duties on Nova. With portions of each issue currently being drawn by Brian Denham during the Annihilation: Conquest event, it’s possible Chen may be able to stay on as regular penciler with Denham’s help. More information, as it becomes available.

SDCC: Mondo Marvel panel report

With the San Diego Comic-Con International now fully underway, reports are coming in about the news announced from various panels. Marvel Comics hosted their Mondo Marvel panel today. The following New Warriors-related info was overheard:

*Jim McCann of marketing revealed that there is “somebody behind the Phalanx” in the current Annihilation: Conquest event that involves Nova.

*Writer Dan Slott mentioned an Avengers: The Initiative Annual that will be coming out after issue #7.

More to come as it’s announced.

Annihilation Diaries Part One’s Ben Morse has begun a weekly column following the new Annihilation: Conquest event. “The Annihilation Diaries” starts with an interview with editor Bill Rosemann. Some Nova-related highlights:

From the beginning we knew that the idea was that the Phalanx invade. That was actually going to be a Nova story, and we looked at it and said, “That’s big enough to be the next event.”

Nova is such a strong character that we knew we had to give him something else to do so that the other heroes could step up. If he was in the main story then, bam, he would be the main guy and it would be his story. We wanted to include Nova, but make sure that he had his own story. The first thing that we did was we knew he was going to try and save the day on his own. He tries to take down the Phalanx single-handedly and he gets his butt kicked. We wanted to show that these villains are tough. We basically said, “How can we take him off of the stage in an intriguing way” So we did that. 

Well, [Nova] looks pretty badly scorched. He was going full tilt into the wall, the barrier that the Phalanx setup that has put the Kree Empire basically into a big bubble. So he’s pretty wrecked and it remains to be seen what hope he has for recovery. 

I love [the new Nova, Ko-Rel]. I think that [writers] Dan [Abnett] and Andy [Lanning] have created a really likable character. The idea, I think, is interesting: She’s in the Kree military, but she’s a medic. She didn’t want to be the leader of her crew that has crashed, but she was sort of forced into this leadership role. She’s a very real person. She has a son that she misses. She has this group of Kree that have become like a family to her, and so again, like all the characters, she has different motivations. She wants to get back to her son. She wants to help her crew. Does she want to fight the Phalanx? Maybe, if that allows her to get what she wants. So, they’ve created a really real and likable character and I really, really like Ko-Rel. They did a great job with her.

Next week: Nova writers Abnett & Lanning. Read the full interview here.

Nova action figure and tumbler

Hasbro’s 4th series of Marvel Legends action figures will feature Nova, according to Toyfare Magazine‘s website. The line is getting officially announced at San Diego Comic-Con International, which started today and continues until Sunday. The figures are scheduled for a December release. The line also includes Black Bolt of the Inhumans, the Punisher, Beast as seen in Astonishing X-Men, Tigra of the Avengers, and Daredevil in his original yellow costume. Each figure will come with a piece of a larger figure that, when assembled, forms Nemesis from the Age of Apocalypse event. Click on the picture for a closer look.

This marks the second time that an action figure of Richard Rider has been released, but technically the first time a figure of Nova has been released. The 1998 figure from the Silver Surfer line was called “Super Nova” to avoid confusion with a figure of the other Nova, Frankie Raye. Not the first time Rich’s name was altered because of Frankie. When The New Warriors first debuted, Rich’s super-identity was temporarily modified to Kid Nova for the same reason.

Also in the pipeline is a glass tumbler featuring Nova from PopFun Merchandising’s Toon Tumblers line. The tumbler comes in two variations: clear or frosted. Both will retail for $10.99 and will ship to stores in August. Originally previewed at the New York Comic-Con back in February, one has to wonder why we didn’t hear about this sooner. Come on Warrior fans, we’ve got to help each other out! Keep your eyes open.

Strange as it may sound, this isn’t the first time Nova has been on the side of a drinking cup. Back in 1977, the Human Rocket was featured on plastic cups sold exclusively at 7-Eleven convenience stores. This collectors item still shows up on ebay.

Other Nova merchandise of interest: A bust of Nova was released in 2005 by Bowen Designs.

More Civil War that might have been

Marvel Comics Executive Editor Tom Brevoort posted a final behind-the-scenes look at the formation of the Civil War event on his blog. One comic that never came to fruition was a new Cloak & Dagger ongoing series that was being considered for the aftermath.

• CLOAK & DAGGER (ongoing). Along the lines of Ant-Man, Champions, etc., here is the time and place for us relaunch this duo. This time around, in a world of superhuman secrecy, they will be forced to finally assume the roles of their namesakes.

Read the complete blog entry here.