New Additions: New Warriors #2, Nova #4, Deadpool/GLI & more

Added to the Conundrum: last week’s New Warriors #2 and this week’s Nova #2 and Deadpool/GLI – Summer Fun Spectacular #1.

Read on for details and SPOILERS!

The big news of New Warriors volume 4 #2 is the reveal of the person under Wondra‘s mask. As speculated, Wondra is none other than Jubilee, formerly of the X-Men. Wondra’s page has been updated with this information. Expect tons of appearances to be added to her page. If you see any missing, feel free to post about them in the comments. Despite that, Sofia still remains the POV character for the series, so far. Much of the focus remains on her, as she declines membership to the team. Her status has been updated to reflect this. 4 pages of Night Thrasher, and his true identity still remains a secret. Barry stands behind him for a few panels, and says and does basically nothing. And then we get our first look at the entire team, except that they’re all in shadows for only one panel. From character sketches released online, besides Wondra, only Decibel and Tempest are identifiable. Both now have character pages. Surely, more will be revealed next issue. Great issue, even better than the first.

(Back-issue aside: Speaking of Sofia, she has a single-panel appearance in House of M #8 that has been officially added to the site to start off the Volume 3 page. Not essential, but it’s her first appearance after losing her powers because of “M-Day”. Her reaction? She fainted. And speaking of House of M #8, the site previously listed Cloak as having an appearance in that issue, but that is incorrect.)

Nova #4 features Rich Rider coming up against the Phalanx threat in Kree space, as part of the Annihilation: Conquest event. The end of the issue is quite the shocker. Potentially, this could change Nova‘s status quo. Definitely worth picking up.

We also have Deadpool/GLI – Summer Fun Spectacular #1. Penance guest-stars for 3 pages. The whole issue is mostly done for laughs, but it’s pretty interesting to see Fabian Nicieza (who co-wrote the issue with Dan Slott) address the recent changes to Speedball. We also learn what’s become of Robbie’s cat Niels, which is so silly I considered putting this issue out of continuity. However, sillier things have certainly happened in the Marvel Universe, and there’s nothing that outright contradicts with anything. So barring a future story that cancels this one out, it will remain in-continuity. Having said that, the appearance of the ‘League of Losers’ with Speedball, Darkhawk and Dagger at the end of the issue is out-of-continuity since she traveled to them. So the issue has also been added to the Alternate Realities page in the League of Losers section. Not essential, but a fun read.

Leave your thoughts on this or any of the above mentioned comics in the comments section below.


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