Slott talks Initiative

IGN talks with Dan Slott, writer of Avengers: The Initiative. In the interview, Slott announced plans for an Initiative one-shot that reveals the origins of the new characters. There are also preview images of issues #6 and 7. Some snippets:

I need Slapstick and Bengal from Daredevil! Well, one of the things I wanted to have with the new recruits was… what everyone was afraid of is getting these kids and having another generation of New Warriors. We’ve got to stop that and train these kids. That’s what the Powers That Be think. So I really wanted to load the bases and have as much of the supporting cast as possible have New Warriors ties. What most people forget is that Slapstick shows up in some MCP issues as a reserve New Warrior.

[T]his is all me and my inner-geek. [Editor] Tom [Brevoort] watches my back though. So you have characters like Slapstick and Ultragirl who are just as ex-Warrior as Darkhawk. If C.B. wasn’t using Darkhawk in Loners I would have stolen him in a second. There were so many characters that if someone didn’t have the dibs on them, I would have stuck them in The Initiative.

Ummm, no plans right now [for the Thunderbolts to appear]… there’s something that… aaaaahh… I’m not going to spoil anything yet. We have enough secrets brewing, I don’t need to load up the cart.

The Black Ops team, if you’re a military organization and you’ve got these super-powered beings, yeah, sure, you want to put guys in all 50 states, but you’re probably going to want a Black Ops team too. So that’s the Shadow Initiative. What we’ve seen of them so far is Bengal, who’s got ninja skills. Bengal is a Vietnamese national, but we’re going to find out why he is working for the Initiative in issue #5 – what they have over him. We’re going to see Trauma and how he moved from Dani Moonstar being his teacher to… you’re going to have to see. Who else… the Scarlet Spiders. Three suits built by Tony Stark based off of the design he built for Peter Parker.

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