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FanExpo: No Ben Reilly plans, New Warriors & Power Pack in possible Valentine’s Day one-shot

Marvel Comics consultant C.B. Cebulski headed a Marvel panel at the Fan Expo in Toronto, Canada this past weekend. When asked about the possibility of the return of Ben Reilly, formerly the Scarlet Spider, Cebulski responded, “There are lots of Ben Reilly fans out there. To be honest, from the meetings I have been in, he comes up every now and again but at this point there are no concrete plans for Ben Reilly at all, except for in the Ultimate Spider-Man universe.”

Cebulski again mentioned the 10-page Loners story in this winter’s Marvel Holiday Special. He is also hoping to put out a Valentine’s Day one-shot featuring the New Warriors, Power Pack and the Slingers.

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Defenders #26

Appearance info:

Defenders #26
“Savage Time!”

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Giant-Size Defenders #5

Appearance info:

Giant-Size Defenders #5
“Eelar Moves in Mysterious Ways!”

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New Addition: Thunderbolts #116

Thunderbolts #116 has been added to the Conundrum. Penance appears. Spoilers ahoy!

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Another Nova writing team interview

IGN spoke with Nova and Annihilation: Conquest writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning this week. Not too much new information but they did briefly address the question of bringing back the Nova Corps. Some highlights:

Andy Lanning: [Editor] Andy Schmidt contacted us as we were in the process of pitching the Nova ongoing series. This would have been somewhere during the run of the Annihilation mini-series. He asked if we would like to handle the writing chores on the follow-up. He wanted to use a story idea we had pitched in our Nova series to form the backbone of the Conquest story.

Dan Abnett: The first three issues [of Nova] were exactly as we saw them. I think it was actually a really great thing to have a big event explode into issue four and draw Nova in. It worked out really well.

Regarding possibly losing the book’s central conflict if the Nova Corps is re-established:

Abnett: Space is big. Even if he created a thousand new Nova’s, he’d still be on his own.

Lanning: It’s up to Dan and I to explore that very problem and, hopefully, resolve it satisfactorily and then come up with new, even more interesting central conflicts, character tensions and story developments to follow up. I hate it when a series tries to eek out its initial premise even when it’s obvious that the story and characters should have moved on by then.

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New Warriors-related comics for November

Marvel Comics has released their solicitations for comics scheduled for a November release. Could it be the end of the new team already? Find out in New Warriors #6! Nova has his hands full: Nova #8 begins a new story arc, Annihilation: Conquest #1 reveals the mastermind behind the Phalanx, and What If? Annihilation looks at how badly last year’s event could have gone! Iron Man and Power Pack team up for a new mini-series! Penance stares down Wolverine! And there’s plenty more exclamation points where those came from! Read on…!

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No Speedball in BBC’s Ditko documentary

According to Lying in the Gutters columnist Rich Johnston, who has viewed a copy of the program prior to its airing, Speedball is sadly not included in the BBC4 documentary by Jonathan Ross, “In Search of Steve Ditko”.

According to Johnston’s review though, it still remains a fascinating look at the influential artist so crucial to the creation of Spider-Man, Dr. Strange and so many other elements of Marvel Comics and modern comic books in general.

The 60-minute documentary airs on Tuesday, September 18th at 9:30 PM on BBC4 in the UK.

Read the full review (scroll down to the first item, Stalking Mr Ditko).

Annihilation Diaries Part Three

Missed it somehow with all of the convention shenanigans, but last week posted the third installment of Ben Morse’s Annihilation Diaries column. Once again he interviewed Nova writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning about the title’s involvement in the Annihilation: Conquest event.

Some excerpts:

LANNING: Dramatically speaking, it’s time to give another hero a chance to take center stage, so we’re doing something completely different with Nova this time around by making him one of the enemy! This gives us a whole new way of looking at an event like Conquest, through the eyes of the adversary. It also gives Nova a unique and compelling role within the overall story that is totally different from what he did before.

ABNETT: Nova is a grade-A-level threat to most things in the galaxy these days. He’s got the sum total of Xandarian technology, culture and knowledge residing in his head and the entire Nova Force at his disposal. You’d have to be mad not to fear him.

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New Addition: Nova #5

Nova v5 #5 has been added to the Conundrum. It naturally has appearances by Nova, although not as much as you’d think…

SPOILERS after the jump.
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RIP Mike Wieringo (1963-2007)

Sensational Spider-Man #8It is with heavy heart that I report the death of comic artist Mike Wieringo. His exuberant style only briefly graced the New Warriors, and even then, only peripherally, but his talent and personality will be missed within the comic book industry and among those who knew him personally. My sincere condolences.

Newsarama is reporting that Wieringo suffered a severe heart attack yesterday.

Wieringo became the regular artist on Sensational Spider-Man back in 1996 during Ben Reilly’s final months as Spider-Man. His handling of issues #8-11 followed a successful run on DC Comics’ Flash and Robin. He remained as artist of Sensational Spider-Man until 1998, where he went on to co-create Tellos with Sensational writer Todd DeZago. The creator-owned series was published through Image Comics in 1999 and 2000 and garnered much acclaim. Wieringo returned to DC Comics in 2001 to become the regular artist on Adventures of Superman. In 2003, he was reunited with Flash writer Mark Waid for a highly-praised run on Fantastic Four. Following a brief return to his creation with DeZago in Tales of Tellos from Image Comics, Wieringo moved to Marvel’s flagship character to collaborate with writer Peter David on The Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. It was during this run that Wieringo drew a series of variant covers during The Other crossover. Two featured Ben Reilly, one as the Scarlet Spider and another as Spider-Man.

Source: Newsarama

Click through to see more samples of his New Warriors-related work, including sketches of Nova and Power Pack.

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News from Chicago

This weekend was WizardWorld: Chicago and Saturday was Marvel’s popular Cup O’ Joe panel hosted by Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada. Among the announcements and questions answered:

Annihilation: Conquest #1 in November will reveal the villain behind the event.

Writer C.B. Cebulski is still hoping for an ongoing Loners series, but in the meantime the team will appear next in the Marvel Holiday Special with a 10-page story featuring Lightspeed with her siblings Power Pack.

No plans yet for more Cloak & Dagger. Marvel Publisher Dan Buckley stated, “We think they’re very cool characters. We just haven’t gotten the right pitch.” Marvel’s Marketing Manager Jim McCann later mentioned Cloak & Dagger when the panel was asked which characters they would like to see have a bigger impact in the future.

Sources: Newsarama, Comic Book Resources & Comics Continuum

New site: Warriors’ Mix

Yet another New Warriors fan-site has officially opened. Check out the Warriors’ Mix!

Sales Estimates

Compiled in one place for the first time, I have extracted the sales estimates for all New Warriors-related comic books listed on this site released from September 1996 to present. There are also sporadic sales estimates for books released prior to September 1996. The information was mostly compiled from Diamond Comic Distributor’s monthly Top 300 lists and the The Comics Chronicles sales charts calculated by John Jackson Miller. This page will be updated as new estimates are released.

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New Power Pack mini in November

Writer Marc Sumerak’s official website has announced that Iron Man & Power Pack will debut in November. This new 4-issue mini-series marks the writer’s return to the kids after a scheduling conflict prevented him from handling the current Fantastic Four & Power Pack mini-series, instead written by Fred Van Lente.

The cover to the right is by Takeshi Miyazawa (Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane).

Sumerak’s previous mini-series with Zero-G and his siblings is being collected in a digest-sized trade paperback. Look for Hulk & Power Pack: Pack Smash! in stores August 29.

More details will be reported once they are made available. Thanks to PaxHouse for the tip.


New Addition: New Warriors volume 4 #3

The third issue of New Warriors volume 4 has been added to the Conundrum with appearances by a whole bevy of brand new members and the return of one old member. Some mysteries are resolved on who’s who on the new team, but some remain unanswered. Read on for more info, but beware of SPOILERS.

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