Annihilation Diaries Week Two

Wizard Magazine‘s Ben Morse continues his online Annihilation Diaries with an interview with Nova writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning (“DnA”).

Some excerpts:

[Editor] Andy Schmidt liked what we’d done on Legion and thought we could handle a Marvel cosmic book. We had, sometime before, pitched a Nova idea to Marvel with [artist] Chris Batista. That didn’t come to anything, but Andy remembered our interest in the character, God bless him! 

One influence we may have had, as we understand it, is that both [writer] Keith [Giffen] and Andy [Schmidt] liked the voice we’d given to Nova so much that [the character] became much more of a focus for the narrative in the latter stages of Annihilation, which was nice.

Andy [Schmidt] approached us to do an ongoing Nova series while Annihilation was running. We produced a year’s worth of story ideas which he liked.

Here’s a paragraph from our initial series pitch that became our overall philosophy…

“The galaxy has become a more dangerous place to live in the wake of the War. Centralized law and galactic government has broken down in many regions of space. The galaxy is akin to Europe after WW2 or the lawless frontiers of the West: many factions and criminal elements have taken advantage of the chaotic situation for their own ends. Warlords, feuding clans/races and opportunistic raiders are roaming the unstable regions of space. In this volatile postwar situation there is a desperate need for the stabilizing influence of law and order but one of the principle providers of that stability—the Nova Corps—is dead and gone. It falls to Nova to do what he can to bring law to the lawless, help to the oppressed and justice for all! The premise of this ongoing series is to have Nova operating as a wandering marshal, called in to deal with individual problems throughout the galaxy. Nova started out as a cop, then became a soldier, now he’s more like a Texas Ranger. Nova discovers a huge stockpile of unanswered and desperate communications that have been sent to the Nova Corps by people who have no idea that it no longer exists. Throughout the entire duration of the Annihilation War, the Worldmind has stored these communiqués not knowing what to do with them and keeping them from Nova so as not to distract him from what it sees is his primary mission: locating a new home for it and re-creating the Corps.”

Read the full interview.


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