Annihilation Diaries Part Three

Missed it somehow with all of the convention shenanigans, but last week posted the third installment of Ben Morse’s Annihilation Diaries column. Once again he interviewed Nova writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning about the title’s involvement in the Annihilation: Conquest event.

Some excerpts:

LANNING: Dramatically speaking, it’s time to give another hero a chance to take center stage, so we’re doing something completely different with Nova this time around by making him one of the enemy! This gives us a whole new way of looking at an event like Conquest, through the eyes of the adversary. It also gives Nova a unique and compelling role within the overall story that is totally different from what he did before.

ABNETT: Nova is a grade-A-level threat to most things in the galaxy these days. He’s got the sum total of Xandarian technology, culture and knowledge residing in his head and the entire Nova Force at his disposal. You’d have to be mad not to fear him.

Read the complete interview.


Author: Corey Blake

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