Another Nova writing team interview

IGN spoke with Nova and Annihilation: Conquest writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning this week. Not too much new information but they did briefly address the question of bringing back the Nova Corps. Some highlights:

Andy Lanning: [Editor] Andy Schmidt contacted us as we were in the process of pitching the Nova ongoing series. This would have been somewhere during the run of the Annihilation mini-series. He asked if we would like to handle the writing chores on the follow-up. He wanted to use a story idea we had pitched in our Nova series to form the backbone of the Conquest story.

Dan Abnett: The first three issues [of Nova] were exactly as we saw them. I think it was actually a really great thing to have a big event explode into issue four and draw Nova in. It worked out really well.

Regarding possibly losing the book’s central conflict if the Nova Corps is re-established:

Abnett: Space is big. Even if he created a thousand new Nova’s, he’d still be on his own.

Lanning: It’s up to Dan and I to explore that very problem and, hopefully, resolve it satisfactorily and then come up with new, even more interesting central conflicts, character tensions and story developments to follow up. I hate it when a series tries to eek out its initial premise even when it’s obvious that the story and characters should have moved on by then.

Read the full interview.


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