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Nova in Top 50 Marvel Characters list

Nova has ranked #27, tied with Namor, in Brian Cronin’s Top 100 Marvel & DC Characters survey over at CBR’s Comics Should Be Good blog.

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Grevioux teases New Warriors #5 has posted a 5-page preview of New Warriors v4 #5 with comments from writer Kevin Grevioux.

An excerpt:

Grevioux: “At this point, NOBODY knows who [Night Thrasher] is. Wondra THINKS she knows, but she doesn’t know for sure. As for the rest of the team, I don’t think they really care. They’ve been given a second chance to be heroic and that’s all that matters to them at this point.”

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New Warriors-related comics for December

Marvel Comics has released solicitations for comics shipping in December ’07. New Warriors #7, with its moody cover featuring Night Thrasher, focuses on Sofia. Nova #9 continues the new story-arc of Nova heading deep into uncharted space. In Penance: Relentless #4, the former Speedball confronts Dr. Doom. Power Pack celebrates Christmases past in the Marvel Holiday Special 2007. Slapstick makes the cover of Avenger: Initiative #8 as graduation day looms. Meanwhile, Iron Man & Power Pack and Annihilation: Conquest continue with their second issues. Plus, What If? Civil War and more.

Click through for full cover images, solicit blurbs and release dates.

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New Additions: Initiative #5, New Warriors #4, Loners #5 and Nova #6

The following issues have been added to the Conundrum: Avengers: The Initiative #5, New Warriors volume 4 #4, Loners #5, and Nova volume 5 #6. Lots happened. Prepare for lots of SPOILERS. Click through for the details.

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Checklist: Longstrike

Longstrike Appearances in the Marvel Universe
(Listed in alphabetical order)
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Checklist: Phaser

Phaser Appearances in the Marvel Universe
(Listed in alphabetical order)
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Page-by-Page Review: New Warriors #4

Long-time New Warriors fan Jeremy “Penagain” Schwennen brings his popular page-by-page review format to the NWCC. He starts with this week’s new release, New Warriors #4. Needless to say, beware of SPOILERS. Add your own comments below!

New Warriors Volume 4, Issue 4
A Penagain Page-by-Page Review
(C)2007, Jeremiah Lee Schwennen

How it Works:
To appreciate this review, you’ll need to have the issue in question in front of you. I’ll be commenting on the ENTIRE issue, cover to cover, including ads. The commentary will range from witty to insightful, and from inane to annoying. All-in-all, it will take you less time to enjoy and/or loathe it than it took me to write it, so consider yourself lucky! This is our first page-by-page in our new and EXCLUSIVE home at the New Warriors Continuity Conundrum! Stop in and say something!

New Warriors Volume 4 Issue 4, Defiant (Part Four) was released September 6th, 2007. It was written by Kevin Grevioux, with art by Paco Medina, Juan Vlasco, and Marte Gracia.
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Baltimore Con: Nova post-Conquest

This weekend’s Baltimore Comic Con included a Mondo Marvel panel hosted by executive editor Tom Brevoort, consultant/writer C.B. Cebulski and artist Barry Kitson.

When asked about future plans for characters currently involved in the Annihilation: Conquest event, Brevoort explained that Nova will be “getting propelled to a whole new area of space that nobody else in the Marvel Universe has been to yet.” He added that Nova would find a Russian cosmonaut dog that was launched into space years ago with a “celestial head that has been turned into a city.”

Loners was once again addressed, with Cebulski giving the same answer as before: the team will appear in a 10-page story in the Marvel Holiday Special. He is also working on a new pitch. “Hopefully there will be some news on Loners soon,” he added.

New links for creators

Along the right-hand menu, you’ll now notice a list of links to websites owned by creators who have worked on New Warriors or relevant books, like Nova, Darkhawk and Cloak & Dagger. If I’ve missed someone with a site, please post a link in the comments section.

July 2007 Sales Figures

Estimated sales figures for comics released in July 2007 have been released.

New Warriors #2 takes the fairly standard second-issue dip in sales, slipping just out of the Top 50 and selling a little over 45,000 copies to North American retailers. This is a good indicator that the book is performing healthy enough to sustain its ongoing status.

Meanwhile, Avengers: The Initiative continues strong in the Top 20. The fourth issue moved just under 100,000 copies, recovering slightly from last month’s minor drop.

The Thunderbolts: Desperate Measures one-shot performs below the regular Thunderbolts series, as expected. Despite a different creative team, it still keeps the franchise in the Top 100 and moves over 40,000 copies.

Nova #4, the first issue to tie in to the Annihilation: Conquest event, didn’t hold the two-issue bump from the Initiative tie-ins. The book brought in 40,000 North American readers. The book could be leveling off following its strong debut despite the Annihilation connection. Another mild drop is likely to occur following the Annihilation: Conquest issues, perhaps to the respectable levels of the Annihilation: Nova mini-series.

Deadpool/GLI: Summer Fun Spectacular closed out the Top 100 with an estimated 23,000 copies sold to North American retailers. Not bad for a seasonal one-shot starring characters that aren’t exactly marquee headliners. The higher cover price likely made returns better.

Loners continues its disappointing decline. Over 15,000 copies were moved, losing about another 2,000 readers. The title’s sales are now comparable to Marvel’s Official Handbook series, which has a higher cover price and reportedly lower production costs. While hopes of the mini-series becoming an ongoing are certainly over, a sequel isn’t impossible. Like Runaways, Loners could still do well in the book market. A model similar to Power Pack’s series of mini-series is also possible, although they are probably assisted by the team-up nature of their books.

Speaking of which, Fantastic Four & Power Pack #1 got the standard bump from a first issue in relation to last month’s Hulk & Power Pack #4. However, there continues to be an ever so slight decline in sales from one mini-series to the next. As mentioned, the digest-sized collections of these mini-series is where Marvel gets their money, so this may not even be a concern. A gradual decline in sales over time is a standard in the industry.

July 2007
13 Avengers: Initiative #4 – $2.99 – 94,740
57 New Warriors #2 – $2.99 – 45,804
62 Thunderbolts: Desperate Measures #1 – $2.99 – 41,541
65 Nova #4 – $2.99 – 40,159
100 Deadpool/GLI: Summer Fun Spectacular #1 – $3.99 – 22,856
133 Loners #4 – $2.99 – 15,645
211 Fantastic Four & Power Pack #1 – $2.99 – 6,574

Click here for the Sales Estimates figures dating back to 1996 and more information on what the numbers mean.

Reminiscing about New Warriors #7

The Daily Miltonian’s Brady Dale Russell has a great time looking back at the original New Warriors #7 by Fabian Nicieza and Mark Bagley. Sure he calls Firestar “Starfire”, doesn’t realize there’s been two other volumes of New Warriors between the current and the first, and sometimes ends his sentences with prepositions, but his love of the material is unmistakable, he makes some great points about what made the New Warriors resonate to readers, and he does an excellent job examining what worked so well just under the surface of the book.

It’s also wonderful to see the New Warriors and comics in general get attention on a blog not strictly geared to people who read comics.

Check it out here.

Slott talks up Avengers: Initiative

Avengers: The Initiative writer Dan Slott spoke with Newsarama about the series. Some excerpts:

Slott: I think we’re doing a good job in The Initiative in presenting all sides, in that I’ve seen people who are one political leaning praise the book and people of that same political leaning slam the book – on both sides. I’ve heard that it’s such a right-wing book, as well as it’s a book that makes right-wing people look stupid. Or that it’s an Anti-Registration book, or that it’s a Pro-Registration book. There are characters like Rage and Justice who are taking a stand against things in the series; but at the same time, there are characters, like Rhodey, who’s doing the best he can, and trying to do the right thing from a different point of view. There are so many different points of view in this book, and I hope we’re showing them all correctly.

Slott: Issue #7 will focus on the Scarlet Spiders and we’ll unmask at least one of them in the Annual in November – it’s all classified documents that have been declassified.

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Roundtable Review: New Warriors v4 #3

A new feature for the Conundrum debuts today! It’s the Roundtable Review, a discussion of a new release from four long-time New Warriors fans. Feel free to add your own thoughts in the comments section.

As we prepare ourselves for next week’s release of issue #4, let’s take a look at last month’s New Warriors #3.

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